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Glen Goei

Glen Goei is one of Singapore's leading film and theatre directors, with a body of work that spans performing arts to events and even architectural design


Glen Goei has worn a lot of hats in his career in the performing arts, but tellingly, it all began with a role opposite Anthony Hopkins. It was in 1989, when Goei performed the title role of the West End production of M. Butterfly, with Hopkins in the role of Rene Gallimard. For his performance, Goei earned an Olivier Award nomination. From there, he went on to become the artistic director of Mu-Lan Arts, the U.K.’s first Asian theatre company. His tenure at Mu-Lan Arts would see award-winning productions like Porcelain and The Magic Fundoshi.

Then Goei ventured into the world of film. His first feature Forever Fever—which he wrote, directed, and produced—premiered in 1998 at the Sundance Film Festival and was the first Singaporean film to see a worldwide commercial release. His second feature, The Blue Mansion was released in 2009 to critical acclaim, and would tour some of the world’s great film festivals. Goei also directed the 2013 film The Hangman’s Breakfast and the 2015 film Revenge of the Pontianak.

Simultaneously, Goei continued to contribute to Singapore’s theatre scene. Since 2002, he has served as a co-artistic director at the theatre production company Wild Rice, for which he has directed hits such as La Cage Aux Folles, Hotel, and Public Enemy, among many others.

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Glen Goei is a vocal advocate of LGBTQ rights in Singapore and is a key figure in the Ready4Repeal campaign. 

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