Fiona Lau

Co-founder and COO, Shopline


E-commerce pioneer Fiona Lau is introducing small businesses to selling online


Fiona Lau is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Shopline, Asia’s largest smart commerce platform. She launched the company in 2013 after realising that numerous SMEs had not yet taken their businesses online mainly because they felt they lacked the skills or resources to do so rather than because of any lack of desire. Shopline offers a one-stop suite of e-commerce support services to SMEs, including inventory and sales management, payment gateways, logistics and data analytics. Based in Hong Kong and Taipei, it serves more than a quarter of a million merchants across markets including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. The company has received funding from investors including Alibaba Entrepreneurs Hong Kong Fund, 500 Startups, CDIB Capital Group and Chinese video based social media platform Joyy.

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Did You Know?

Before founding the company, Fiona Lau worked as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs and as a business developer for Disney.

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