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Erwin Gutawa

Erwin Gutawa

Erwin Gutawa, a pioneering composer across various musical styles, is also an inspiration to young musicians with his self-named Music School


Erwin Gutawa is an award-winning, independent Indonesian composer. Gutawa was always exposed to music since he was a child, even playing music on the popular TV show Bina Musika under the direction of Agus Rusli.

After he earned his architecture degree from the University of Indonesia, Gutawa went back to music, working as a sound arranger for a TV series. He began his professional music career in 1985, joining the popular jazz band Karimata as its bassist. During this period, he also worked as an arranger and producer for other singers. In 1991, he formed his own orchestra and began composing.

One of his most popular works is a ballad entitled Kidung Abadi (Eternal Ballad), which revived the career of popular singer Chrisye. In 2000, Gutawa presented the legendary concert Rockestra, featuring rock bands Slank, Gigi and Dewa and an 85-man orchestra. In 2002, he held his first solo concert, and later continued to organise other concerts with popular musicians.

Gutawa continues to produce orchestral music through Erwin Gutawa Productions. He also founded the Erwin Gutawa Music School, which aims to answer all musical aspirations of budding Indonesian musicians.

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Music arranger and producer, Erwin Gutawa is also an architect who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia in 1986. He is also the father of rising pop singer Gita Gutawa.

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