Djoenaedi Joesoef

Founder, Konimex


Djoenaedi Joesoef, founder of Konimex, expands his reach from Vietnam to the Middle East

Djoenaedi Joesoef

Known as one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, Sukoharjo-based Konimex has a diverse business portfolio, which includes vitamins, candies, and snacks. Some of its most famous products are Inzana, Termorex, Nano-nano, and Tini Wini Biti. Nowadays, Konimex's distribution channels reach global markets, from Vietnam to the Middle East. Djoenaedi grew up in a family that operated a drug store in Solo, hence the inspiration behind his decision to build a pharmaceutical business in 1967. His goal is to make affordable, high-quality medicine for all Indonesians. In his early days, Djoenadi marketed the products through door-to-door sales. Konimex then expanded from distributing health and medicine entities to producing its products. The 1933-born businessman has numerous global recognitions, such as the 2003 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year and 2004 Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year. He is the co-founder of Kwik Kian Gie School of Business, previously Institut Bisnis Indonesia.


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Did You Know?

The company name Konimex stands for Kondang Impor Ekspor, which shows Djoenadi's vision and mission for global expansion

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