Fusing science, medicine, and spirituality from both East and West has made Ding Yi Yang a highly influential—and successful—entrepreneur


Ding Yi Yang is the kind of genius whose brilliance bloomed early: at 13, he entered medical school in Brazil; at 21, he graduated with a double PhD from Rockefeller University. By age 27 he was heading its Department of Molecular Immunity and Cell Biology, being the first to discover how white cells kill cancer cells.

In 1998, he returned to Taiwan to establish Chang Gung Biotechnology, a company that seeks to address health issues holistically, combining the best practices from both Western and Eastern medicine. Today it produces Taiwan’s leading brand of all-natural health supplements and a range of wellness products that use nanotechnology.

The former medical researcher has become a health and healing guru focusing on the importance of the mind-body connection. He encourages meditation and “vortex stretching” as techniques of what he calls “primordia medicine”, an integrative approach that brings together science and spirituality.

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In 2013, the best-selling books in Taiwan was led by Ding-Yi Yang’s Primordia Medicine, beating 50 Shades of Grey

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