Danny Deng, the “godfather of steaks”, earns four consecutive one-Michelin stars


Danny Deng’s four decades in the industry have revolved around meat. He started off as dishwasher at a teppanyaki restaurant before working his way up to chef, skillfully slicing and grilling pieces of steak in front of diners and learning all there is to know about different cuts of meat. When he opened Danny’s Steakhouse, he knew what his signature chop would be—the prime ribeye top cap, a rare cut that’s also the tastiest part of the cow.  

Deng’s process is meticulous, from sourcing the meat to aging it, even sampling a tiny portion every day to check for readiness. The steak itself is cooked over a micro-adjustable wood-fired grill which is filled with white oak, walnut, and cherry wood for fragrance; and local longan wood to keep it burning.

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The pandemic enabled diners to recreate a Michelin-starred experience at home when Danny’s Steakhouse began offering frozen vacuum-sealed steaks and meal kits.  

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