Christina Dean

Founder and Board Chair; Founder and CEO, Redress; The R Collective


Christina Dean wants the future of the fashion industry to be a green one


Christina Dean combines her twin passions of sustainability and fashion in her NGO Redress, which she founded in 2007 with a mission to promote sustainability without hindering business. Originally from the UK, she previously worked as a journalist and a dentist. She arrived in Hong Kong in the mid 2000s and, finding herself in the region where the majority of the world’s clothes are produced, saw an opportunity to influence the fashion industry for the better.

In addition to consumer campaigns and recycling initiatives, Redress focuses on providing and promoting environmental education among both current and aspiring designers. It has produced materials for curricula used by numerous universities, and also launched the leading sustainable design competition, the Redress Design Award. Dean is also the executive producer and co-host of Frontline Fashion, a documentary series based on the award. In 2017, she also launched the R Collective, an upcycled fashion label that new clothing from waste materials collected from luxury designer brands.

(Photo: Olivier Yoan)

“It’s an industry worth fighting for, and I don’t think we should just roll over and say it’s too difficult. If we’re clever enough, we can make fashion a force for good.”


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Did You Know?

She was one of the interviewees in The True Cost, the landmark 2015 documentary exposing the environmental and social hazards of the fast fashion industry.

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