Chen Hua Wu

Chairman, President Department Store


President Group heir Chen Hua Wu keeps the founder’s dream alive

When President Group founder Yao Ting Wu died in 2012, he left his department store empire to his son Chen Hua Wu. He deployed his own sons to revitalize the over-50-year-old company’s operations, with the eldest son Guanwei Wu as the director handling business development, while his second son Guan Yu Wu as the general manager of the department stores

In 1958, the President Group opened Ta Shin, the first department store in Kaohsiung, and it was succeeded by other pioneers like the President Department Store, the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia, Talee, the first Japanese-style department store in southern Taiwan, and Costco, the first membership hypermarket in Taiwan.


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Did You Know?

Ta Shin was the first department store to have an escalator. It was in business for 50 years before it was destroyed by a fire.

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