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BryanBoy Yambao

Photo Photographed by BJ Pascual

Bryanboy is one of the first personalities to bring the once-outsider fashion blogger to the inner circles of the cliquish fashion industry


Before there were Influencers, there was Bryanboy Yambao. He has ushered in an age for bloggers to sit at the front row of Fashion Weeks and to collaborate, if not inspire, the biggest fashion houses’ campaigns. Bryanboy has ticked these off in his list of achievements, since he started broadcasting his thoughts online from his parents’ home. This was 2004: before Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The 20-something from the Philippines was uploading photos on his blog and writing about his commentary on fashion from the Third World. He was so sharp that his quips constantly got picked up by fashion websites that lacked what he had: a unique voice and his own perspective. (Not to mention, he had androgynous features that made him easily photographable himself.)

In 2008, he drew the attention of Marc Jacobs with a memorable Leave Marc Jacobs Alone series of blogs. Marc Jacobs and the blogger developed a friendship that would result in the BB Ostrich Bag, a piece that was named after him. The 2010s put him on the fast lane as social media erupted. He was easily installed into influencer lists, including Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 in 2013 and the New York Post’s ninth hottest Internet celebrities. Bryanboy, after all, had been putting in the work for a decade by then, and as all such Internet of Things go, content (and SEO!) was king.

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If Paris Hilton invented the phone camera selfie, Bryanboy can somewhat be credited for the fan sign shoutout. Except his “fans” were celebrities and models who held up handwritten signs declaring, “I love Bryanboy!” while fashioning his signature pose, hand on a hip jutting out while the other slung a designer bag. In 2006, it’s unofficial industry knowledge that Fendi’s campaign was inspired by this pose. 

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