Bretman Rock Laforga

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Beauty influencer and social media personality Bretman Rock Laforga is breaking stereotypes for gender, race and platform


With 17 million Instagram followers, Bretman Rock Laforga has clearly set the paradigm for Influencer success in the 2020s. Well, for starters, Laforga has crossed over to reality TV shows, debuting the pilot of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock with six million views on YouTube. His other show, 30 Days With: Bretman Rock, on the same channel features him on a week-long jungle isolation that reveals an unglamourised version of the fashion, beauty and pop culture star. He was still, of course, quite glamourous despite the circumstances that it may be the defining characteristic of the social media personality.

Laforga captured Internet virality after a series of comedic makeup videos in 2015. He has since hosted the Miss Universe Red Carpet. Born in the Philippines, Laforga is based in Hawaii, where he has been living and rocking a pandemic body that exemplifies a beauty and self-love routine that is at the top of its game. He showed all his hard work off on Playboy in October 2021 as the first openly gay man to grace the cover of the magazine. He placed among Time’s 2017 30 Most Influential Teens and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia in 2018. Laforga is reported to have a net worth of US$2million which, for being his glamourous self, could set the bar for success as an Influencer.

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Bretman Rock Laforga was named by his dad (who passed away in 2019) after wrestling personalities Bretman Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Laforga has given himself his own moniker besides his unique name, fashioning “Da Baddest” in his social media accounts to cement his edgy and real brand of online personality. 

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