Ben Chan

Founder, BENCH; CEO, Suyen Corporation


The cultural advocate and brand purveyor is redefining the country’s retail landscape

Since its launch back in 1987, BENCH has continued to thrive to become the most enduring Filipino brand to enter the market. Its founder, Ben Chan, successfully extended the brand's reach to include stand-alone branches not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

Chan saw the pandemic as another chance to flex his marketing prowess. To ensure his brand’s longevity in a crowded environment, Chan initiated innovations in his marketing plans as well as the technical aspect of the business, like improving the back-end systems, logistics, product quality and the overall customer experience.

He also expanded his product portfolio which now includes a dizzying line-up to encompass a broad range of categories, among them, fashion, skincare, home products, and food. Simultaneously, the pioneering marketeer continuously studies the changing demographics to introduce exciting new brands like Urban Revivo for fashion, and Viabizzuno for lighting.

In October 2022, he announced the opening of a new Fritz Hansen flagship store designed by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon.

Apart from running his ever-growing empire, Chan is also a cultural advocate who promotes traditional clothing through projects like the Ternocon competition and fashion show. There’s more from this indefatigable tycoon, with the upcoming release of his book, titled A Terno Century.

"E-commerce provides an equal platform of opportunity for the industry, whether for a small home-based enterprise or an international brand. However, this has also made the platform highly competitive.”




“World Entrepreneur Award” (Ernst & Young)


“Brand of the Year” (World Branding Forum


“Diamond Award” (Philippine Tatler)

Did You Know?

Chan made hand sanitisers a thing for Filipinos way before the pandemic. His signature Bench Alcogel was launched in 1998 as gel-form of rubbing alcohol, which Filipinos were already toting around, but made trendier. This paved the way for the development of Bench Laboratory and an entire expansion into personal care products.

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