Barry Lin

Quanta Computer founder Barry Lin is revolutionizing the health care industry with the help of artificial intelligence


Quanta is the world’s largest manufacturers of PC notebook computers, and the company designs and manufactures for clients such as Apple, HP, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu, and many more. Founder Barry Lin didn’t rest his laurels on being “Laptop King,” however, and by 2006 Quanta also became the world’s leading cloud server manufacturer.

In recent years, Quanta has started creating AI tools and now has an eye on disrupting the health care field, partnering with several hospitals to provide next-generation hospital equipment and cloud-based information solutions. The end goal is to develop smart hospitals that can improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and quality of treatment. Lam is also collaborating with the National Health Insurance Administration to use AI to integrate data from over 1.6 billion medical records.

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Barry Lin is also a renowned art patron and collector of Chinese paintings and calligraphy, and once spent US$14 million on a silk painting from Zhang Daqian, his favorite artist. 

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