Ashvin Valiram

Executive director, Valiram Group


Ashvin Valiram is one of three brothers behind Southeast Asia’s leading luxury retail group

Ashvin Valiram
Johnnie Walker Blue Label

​​Part of the third-generation leaders of the Valiram Group, Ashvin Valiram and his brothers carved a reputation as Southeast Asia’s leading luxury goods purveyor and innovative retail specialists. Today the group represents a portfolio of internationally renowned brands such as Bath & Body Works, Tumi, Victoria’s Secret, as well as original retail concepts like Swiss Watch and Flow.

On top of that, Swiss Watch runs signature watch events for aficionados—the only watch retailer in Malaysia to consistently do this annually. Over the years, Valiram has grown the business’s store footprint to over 400 stores across nine countries, and there’s no stopping it. In the past two years, it opened a gigantic Nike flagship store in Bangkok and brought MLB, a famous Korean brand, into Singapore. ​​Malaysia can also look forward to a brand new product offering from Valiram next year.

“When the watch retail fraternity heard we wanted to open a new store, they laughed at our attempt. But that disbelief only strengthened our will and ambition.”


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