Asha Smara Darra

Fashion Designer, Oscar Lawalata label


Indonesian designer Asha Smara Darra brought local haute couture to the world's runways

Asha Smara Darra

With experience spanning more than two decades, Asha is among the few designers with the skills to transform highly-valued traditional textiles into stylish modern creations. Moreover, her works never leave any of these textiles' cultural characteristics, such as seen on the uniforms of the Citilink Airlines cabin crew. This year, the airlines introduced the collaboration to rejuvenate its image with Asha's design using kebaya and tenun ikat motifs from East Nusa Tenggara. In 2020, Asha and several prominent designers collaborated with Bank Negara Indonesia for its 74th anniversary to showcase seven traditional fabrics from the archipelago. As a connoisseur of batik craftsmanship, she brought heritage textiles to several international-level events in Indonesia and overseas. All of her works are still under Oscar Lawalata brand, which was Asha's name previously. She discussed her story of transformation, with support from mum Reggy and brother Mario, on their shared YouTube channel, The Lawalatas.


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Did You Know?

The name she chose, Asha, means hope, while Smara is love, and Darra stands for a sturdy tree

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