Arya Setiadharma

As an angel investor, Arya Setiadharma is a key player in Indonesia’s growth. His company Prasetia Dwidharma’s track record is testament to his commitment in helping new companies achieve their full potential through funding and corporate guidance


At just 33 years of age, Arya Setiadharma is fast gaining ground as one of Indonesia’s more aggressive and successful business angels. Since his first investment in the Indonesian smart-city start up called Qlue five years ago, Setiadharma was able to build up an impressive roster of over 100 portfolios, that includes companies in South-East Asia, India and the US as well.

People like Setiadharma hold the key to growth not just in Indonesia, but in the entire region, where fledgling companies can benefit from both the funding as well as the business expertise coming from their investors. And the companies under his wings couldn’t have found a better angel, one whose positivity and steely composure helped him overcome the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Will to succeed aside, Setiadharma is deeply committed to his mission: “If we could not build our own, we could participate in the growth of the digital ecosystem by investing in others.”

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Did you know?

Setiadharma’s first dream, before becoming an angel investor, was to be a chef.

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