Arwin Rasyid

A towering presence in the field of banking in finance, Arwin Rasyid of Tez Capital and Finance is also a generous mentor to future leaders, sharing knowledge through articles and books while posting koans on social media


If Arwin Rasyid looked back to the year 2000, he would come face to face with one of his toughest posts. He was already an established banking executive in the years prior before taking on the role of president director for Indonesia’s Bank Danamon. The bank, which would grow to become one of Indonesia’s biggest under Rasyid’s watch, was still reeling from the aftershocks of the Asian financial meltdown, which started in 1997.

That particular moment would define his stature as one of Indonesia’s financial titans who would invigorate the banking milieu in the years to come. Rasyid continued to shine in his succeeding posts, most notably as president director of Telkom Indonesia, which he ushered into the Forbes Global 500 listing just two years into his tenure.

To cap an exemplary career, Rasyid launched his own company, Tez Capital & FInance, where he currently sits as Founding Chairman.

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Did you know?

Away from the boardroom, Rasyid enjoys air guns and has an incredible toy-train collection. For him, free-time activities are important, as revealed in a Facebook post: “Always make time to practise your hobbies and the things you enjoy doing, as it helps you understand the hidden potential you have inside of you.”

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