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In her short life, Annice Lyn has already gone through many life-changing transformations as a former national figure skater, architecture graduate and award-winning sports and documentary photographer.

Annice Lyn wandered into photography while still an architectural student and started by capturing a familiar subject—figure skaters. Having no formal training in photography, Annice Lyn essentially felt her way through and uncovered a natural talent for visual storytelling. By focusing not just on action shots but documenting behind-the-scenes stories, producing an unfiltered look of the people and situations behind the sport, she caught the attention of the Malaysia Ice Skating Federation, which invited her to become the official photographer of the 12th National Figure Skating Championship.

This led to bigger events like the 2017 Southeast Asian Games until she became the first female Malaysian photographer to be accredited for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, followed by her covering the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games as well. With a great eye for creating visual narratives, Annice Lyn also enjoys covering real stories, and works international agencies such as Getty Images as their Malaysian correspondent for editorial and featured news.

To date, Annice Lyn’s shots have been picked up by numerous international media including The Guardian, Forbes, The New York Times and National Geographic. Her winning shot of fellow Malaysian Red Hong Yi’s Climate Is Everything artwork was featured on Time magazine’s cover. She is currently working with NGOs to document the stories of refugees turned artisans and, on a personal project, documenting the people behind old trades and crafts skills. She is the Canon Youth Ambassador and co-founder of Women Photographers Malaysia, a community to empower and support women in the industry.

"Believe in budding athletes. Watch them at local competitions because you never know where they will be in two or three years' time."


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Did You Know?

Annice Lyn came to attention with her shots from the SEA Games. Because she had no formal training, she was hoping to at least get shortlisted so she would win a six-month course in photography training, but her shots were so good that she actually won the role as Canon Youth Ambassador. Annice Lyn practises Muay Thai and is a plant parent.

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