Annette Anhar

Owner, Restaurateur, Tugu Hotel Group


Daughter of famed Indonesian art collector Anhar Setjadibrata, Annette Anhar takes her love of art from her father, but her hospitality know-how as manifested in her work at Tugu Hotel Group is all hers

Annette Anhar

Tugu Hotel, Setjadibrata’s family business, is a luxury hotel-cum-art museum, housing thousands of Indonesian artefacts, and owner Annette Anhar is the woman in charge—not just of the “galleries”, but also of the group’s 11 restaurants. Born out of Setjadibrata’s mission to preserve the country’s cultural heritage through his art and antique collection, Tugu Hotels has four locations in Bali, Lombok, Malang and Blitar, East Java.

In the same locations, Tugu has several restaurants including at the Tugu Kunstkring Paleis in Jakarta, a venue which ties up the company’s love for art, history and hospitality. Opened in 1914 as a grand historical building, it used to be home to the Fine Arts Circle of the Dutch East Indies, as well as masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin and Marc Chagall. Anhar has been supervising the rehabilitation efforts, as well as the day-to-day management of the Tugu chain’s dining concepts.

Annette Anhar is a graduate in Business Systems from Monash University, Australia.


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Did You Know?

Annette Anhar spent most of her teens in Australia. Her first job in the restaurant industry was when she was 14, when she applied as a cleaner in a local restaurant.

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