Anindya Novyan Bakrie

CEO, PT Bakrie Global Ventura/Bakrie & Brothers/Bakrie Center Foundation


Anindya Novyan Bakrie, or “Anin” to most, steered the family-owned business conglomerate Bakrie Global Ventura to new heights while running his own foundation to train Indonesia’s future leaders

Anindya Novyan Bakrie

Anin Bakrie first showed signs of his remarkable business acumen while still in his twenties. Tasked with nursing the Bakrie-owned Cakrawala Andalas Televisi (ANTV) back to health, Anin’s proposed re-structuring brought in new investors and cut the company’s debts down in just two years. That was just the start to a stellar career.

Today, at the age of 47, Bakrie sits as the CEO of Bakrie Global Ventura, which has interests across various industries that include mining, telecommunications, media and real estate. He is also the chairman and founder of Bakrie Center Foundation, which supports Indonesia’s youth through scholarships and leadership training.

The Bakrie group’s golden boy is set to add another feather to his cap as the prospective new owner of Oxford United FC in the UK. Should the deal push through with final approval from the English Football League, Anin Bakrie will be the first Indonesian to own a British professional football club.


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Did You Know?

An avid runner, Bakrie has completed a few international marathons. The CEO has fanboy moments too, tweeting a selfie with singer Bruno Mars back in 2018.

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