Alice Eduardo

Founder, president, CEO, Sta Elena Construction and Development Corporation


The construction magnate is building hope for the country’s young cancer patients

Alice Eduardo is a familiar face to Tatler Philippines readers as a social activist and role-model for corporate leadership. As the president and CEO of Sta Elena Construction and Development Corporation (SECDC), she led her company in a predominantly male-led industry to become a major player in the country’s real estate and infrastructural development sectors. “The thought that our output contributes to national development and that we provide jobs is always inspiring,” she says.

Over the past few years, Eduardo has taken on bigger projects to include construction of public infrastructure, like the power plants that supply energy to regions across the country.

Eduardo is also known for her charity work. In 2014, she funded the PhP14-million construction of the Philippine General Hospital’s (PGH) pediatrics isolation ward for cancer patients, as well as the Php19-million dormitory for the patients’ relatives. These provisions significantly contributed to a decrease in mortality rates among the patients.

Despite the challenges facing the construction industry, which includes inflation and supply chain issues, Eduardo continues to do her part as a builder, to help the nation grow.


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Did You Know?

Alice Eduardo privately funded the Php14-million construction of a paediatrics isolation ward for cancer-stricken patients in 2014 and a nearby Php19-million dormitory for their families in the Philippine General Hospital in 2022.

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