Abba Napa

Co-founder and creative director, The Moment Group


Co-founder of the Moment Group of restaurants, which includes Mecha Uma, Manam, and Ooma

At one point in its recent history, the Moment Group was opening a new restaurant every 56 days. Such was the breakneck pace of growth of a restaurant group that, in 2021, consists of roughly 2,500 employees, 12 food brands, and 45 shops. Years after its founding in 2012, it has become widely regarded as one of the most exciting restaurant groups in the Philippines, with wholly owned brands like 8Cuts, Manam, Ooma, Mo’ Cookies, Mecha Uma, and Bank Bar.

For these establishments and their great food, Filipino diners can thank Abba Napa, as well as her Moment Group co-founders Jon Syjuco and Eliza Antonino. And because Napa is the group’s creative director, she can also be credited with making each of its brands fresh and cool outside the kitchen.

The Moment Group has also partnered with global brand Din Tai Fung, and is also the home of restaurant brands Hu Chi Southeast Eats, Papa Pancitan, Cuckoo, Shawa Wama. It also recently launched its cook-at-home-line, Moment the Grocer, as well as its in-house delivery website, supported by its own Mo’Go delivery fleet.


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Did You Know?

Abba Napa studied restaurant management and culinary techniques at the French Culinary Institute in New York.

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