Home service medical care is a must these days. From COVID-19 swabs to blood tests or regular check-ups, these medical professionals can come to you:

These days, home-service has never sounded better. With cases soaring, we are all getting a bit paranoid and it's always better to be safe than sorry. So, if you are in need of a test or if you will need to book group testing for your offices when a more regular work schedule resumes, then take note of these businesses, all of whom offer house calls.

It can be really stressful when you need to book a COVID test and you can’t seem to find a source, everyone is booked or no one is answering your questions. Trust me, I’ve been there. So we have put together a list to make life a bit easier. Here are reliable clinics and facilities that can attend to your needs:

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1. Zennya Health

Zennya is an app that entered the medical space before the pandemic, in 2019. They are well known for a slew of medical care options, COVID testing, plus wellness services such as massage therapy, hand and foot care. Through Zennya, on top of COVID testing, you can also book lab tests, virtual consults, vaccinations and IV drip therapies.

2. Be Safe MD

For home service COVID testing you can call Be Safe MD. From our research, it seems that they have one of the most competitive, best, prices for RT PCR testing that delivers results in 24 hours. They have a sister company called Swab And Go that does drive through COVID testing in the Pasig area too.

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3. HCT Academy

Get first-aid care with HCT either in their clinics or at home. They have branches in Pasig and BGC but can attend to patients from the comfort of their own homes. Not only can you get COVID tests and first-aid assistance but HCT also provides medical education and training in their clinics and online through their e-learning modules.

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4. Hi-Precision Diagnostics

Hi-Precision Diagnostics has branches scattered all over the country, making access to their clinics very convenient even if you are not in larger cities. Despite the number of clinics, you can easily book an appointment and have their medical professionals visit you at home. They also offer park and swab testing as well at their multiple locations. Check out their app as well where you can receive your results and book services. 

5. Aide

Through Aide, you can book a variety of services from blood or COVID tests to doctor or nurse visits, too. There are also services for vaccinations and physical therapy. They have a website and an app filled with services to choose from. 

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6. Juan Medical

Juan Medical is not just a service for COVID testing only. They make it their business to make your life easier by offering 24-hour RT PCR results and the whole suite of COVID tests too. Aside from COVID-19 related issues, their medical professionals can ease your worries and help you get through tough times, be it back-pain, a sprain, or a stomach ache. 

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7. Park And Swab

If you do not want to get out of your car for a COVID-test, Park And Swab is for you. You can book a slot and drive to their testing locations to a drive-through or you can book them to come to your home.

8. Healthway

Healthway is a clinic that also has a presence in many cities. They have several brands like Healthway Family Clinic, Healthway Multi-Specialty Center, and Healthway Corporate Clinic which can take care of first aid and medical needs. Visit their IG or website to book home service testing.

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9. House Call MD

House Call MD specialises in, but is not just for COVID testing. Their team is composed of licensed doctors who are able to respond to urgent but non-emergency medical situations. Call, or direct message them to make use of their services which range from medical consultation t  vaccinations, and COVID-19 home testing.

10. Doctors on Call PH

Tatler Asia
Covid Swab, Doctors on Call
Above Covid Swab, Doctors on Call

Get your home-service swabs from Doctors on Call PH at affordable rates. They also are able to check you up to take care of other health issues and can even provide patients with medical certificates for work and travel. However, before any official clearance is given, a proper teleconsultation is required with a medical professional. 

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11. Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross provides RT PCR saliva tests which you can book here. In fact they have an ongoing partnership with Angkas to make home-service that much more efficient. 

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12. Save Point

Save Point is conveniently located in BGC, on 30th street, cornet 9th avenue, East B, Open Parking, Lane C. From antibodies, antigen, to PCR swabs, book your walk in, drive through or home-service appointments by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram, or calling at 0968 750 3072 or 0995 409 4226.

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13. The Medical City Lab On Wheels

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Above Photo: The Medical City

With this hospital’s lab on wheels, you can get your blood chemistries and RT PCR testing done at home. The RT-PCR Drive-thru booking is open from Mondays thru Saturdays, 8am to 4pm. Contact TMC laboratory hotline at +632 8988 1000 ext. 6122 or 6421.

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14. Makati Medical Center

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Above Photo: Pexels

Call MMC staff to test you from the comforts of your home. Swab testing for COVID-19 as well as regular blood routine procedures are conducted Mondays through Saturdays, from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Contact +632 8888 8999 local 7061 to learn more. Alternatively you may visit the hospital for drive-through swabbing.

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15. Swab by MSRHC