Our Fitness Kickstart journey brings us to the haute Babel Fit boutique gym, where we dip toes into Malaysia’s first-ever aquatic regime on the floating FiTMAT.

Now that nearly everyone’s jumped onto the fitness bandwagon, the big question is: What’s next? Workouts like HIIT, Crossfit and even Acroyoga have joined the routine of a hamster wheel for adrenaline junkies, pushing fitness centres to pull new tricks from their hats.

One newcomer, Babel Fit, has been breaking the mould among fit-fluencers, with its Insta-Wow factor, themed rooms, world-class equipment, and possibly the coolest workout in town, Boga Fit.    

The aqua centric, core-challenging regime takes place on the floating Boga FiTMAT, and is set to officially join the boutique gym’s inventive lineup of sweat series this April. The first of its kind in Malaysia, we spent a day by the pool with general manager and Boga Fit trainer, Jacq Ng, who gave us an exclusive taster of the workout.

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Babel Fit has an impressive lineup of workouts that go beyond the norm. How did Boga Fit come into the picture?

“We did a lot of research for stand up paddleboard yoga, which is very popular overseas. That was the initial idea but then we realised they have floating fitness mats, too. That’s how we adopted it into out curated, fitness lineup.”

As the first gym in Malaysia to offer Boga Fit, how does this pool-based exercise work?

 “Boga Fit takes any form of exercises normally performed on land onto a floating mat. It challenges your core and your stability, and basically your whole body with integrated movements.”

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It takes a lot of coordination to stay upright without falling into the pool! Would you say Boga Fit is suitable for people of certain levels of fitness?

“It’s something for everyone, from beginners to older adults purely because the exercises are low impact. You don’t need to run or jump yet you get to do all sorts of exercises on it, from yoga to Pilates, to high intensity workouts. These bouts of activity challenge the heart rate and metabolic condition, for a more effective caloric burn. Think of the water-based workout as an environmental change.”

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So it’s a lot about training your body in different conditions! Sounds like a fun way to work different muscles.

“In working your whole body, I always think about exercise as something a person looks forward to as part of training them for 'the sport of life'. Rather than sports-specific, life is, in a way, a sport.”

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As of March, Boga Fit is still in its preview stage. What else do you have in store for fitness junkies?

“We will be having preview classes every Sunday through March. Come April, the timetable will be filled with more classes ranging from flow yoga series to mix martial arts movements. Boga Fit exercises are essentially built around the core – something everybody is interested to improve on, too. There will also be some heat-building exercises, and we’re fine-tuning programmes with different fitness levels in mind.”

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