The best places to go work out for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Working out does not come naturally to everyone and it often hinders some folks from picking up a new exercise routine. But, then there's that constant feeling of lethargic, body-conscious or unhealthy in general, which drives home the importance of an active lifestyle. Don't fret, because there are so many options and classes out there that promote a healthier lifestyle, from beginner to expert level. Being surrounded by fitness enthusiasts is always a good way to start. 

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But, the only way to kick start your wellness adventure is by starting at places where you will feel motivated, healthier and excited. We have rounded up 5 places where you can enjoy working out in hopes of continuing being fit and healthy. 

1. The Flow

The beautifully curated white space helps ignite zen mode in a matter of minutes. The aesthetically pleasing studio is the perfect, calming environment for anyone whose been stress and need a little break from real life. Attend a reformer or mat class style to release any anxiety, tensions or soreness. From sculpting, strengthening and toning, their yoga and pilates class will have you leaving refreshed. 

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2. Aloha Cycle Club

People aren't always flexible enough to do yoga or pilates and sometimes, people prefer to do high paced workout. Aloha Cycle Club helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle with their spin class. Their spin class helps stretch your legs and build up leg muscles with upbeat music, and continous spinning. But, to combat all those efforts and sweat, you can head over to Rubberduck, a next door cafe for a refreshing coconut to hydrate or a healthy salad to fuel up. You get the best of both worlds working out at the club! 

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3. Urban Springs

Recently, Xtend Barre have been becoming a new trend and Urban Springs is the first ever studio to have Xtend Barre classes. Go on pointe with Urban Springs to help sculpt and tone your body. In addition to that, you will end up releasing all the unwanted toxins out of your body from all the hard core workout. Every visit will leave you tired, but rejuvinated. 

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4. Fire Station

Go on your greatest and hardest workout ever at Fire Station, whether it's spin class, boxing or cross fit. In an instant, your mind, body and soul will be at its greatest peak. If you're tired after the workout, you can have a pink latte at the front entrace to help enhance your wellness even more! 

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5. Flyproject Co.

There's no denying that spinning or cycling is the new trend right now, but by the looks of it, the trend is here to stay. Get spinning with Flyproject Co. and your journey for wellness will continue to be better. Take a hour or so off your day to sweat off all the unwanted carbs and get fit with them! 

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