Wondering what October has in store for you? Tatler’s astrologer, De Rui tells us her monthly predictions for the month ahead

Autumn is upon us with parts of the Northern Hemisphere already receiving much-needed relief from the scorching heat. Last month’s frenzied, frenetic pace is coming to a peak mid-month as Mercury, Mars, and the Sun finally converge. This energy enlivens our personal expressions and desires, tying them much more closely to our egos. This is a time when we can feel more invested in what we say and what we want. Look out for some out-of-proportion reactions in October from anyone proven wrong or thwarted from their goals.

Even with Mercury now in its retrograde period, the broader energetic momentum will continue to build through the month as three outer planets – Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter – all emerge from their slumber to push us collectively forward. By the end of October, we may all have a better grasp on our attachments, limitations, and how to stay optimistic in life. Jobs, travel, and personal obsessions may appear to us in a new light. Planets contacting Neptune and Uranus this month bring confrontations with our delusions (yes, we all have a few) and with how our individual quirks are serving us (OK, some of us have more than others).

The Libra New Moon on October 6 aligns nicely with Mercury and Mars, both also in the sign of the scales, and calls for setting intentions around important relationships. Reflect on having fairness and equality and where they may be lacking. Come October 20, there will be no shame in exposing our naked impulses and desires in the light of the Aries Full Moon.

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Never one to hide from a challenge, you will be put to the test this month dealing with people and forces that run counter to what seems right or natural. An opposite view is not necessarily a wrong view, as you know, so some diplomacy and compromise may be needed. Be prepared for some fireworks, fiery counterparties, or even humorous sparring. In the meantime, prospects improve for social connection and matters of the heart as the month gets underway. 


Your vitality could get a jolt of intensity and power after October 6 when Pluto turns direct. That might be the most you can expect out of the coming weeks since the stars are not particularly aligned for productive progress on your projects at the moment. Misunderstandings can be frequent and frustrating. Keep your expectations for other people low and focus on yourself right now. Make sure you are exercising and eating right, and maintaining your body to an optimal standard. Any decisions about love or finances should not be postponed.


You may be part of an especially auspicious portal in the next few weeks as Venus makes its way into Sagittarius and forms positive contacts with Saturn and Mercury. Through hard work and your critical-thinking ability, you could very well attract an extraordinary financial gain, or otherwise very lucky break having to do with something you value. Regardless of the scale of your luck, it’s “all systems go” for you in October. Make the most of it.


As with Capricorn, working with others now could be fraught with challenges and you might be better off nurturing your plans on your own for a bit longer. Asteroids Pallas Athena and Vesta are working harmoniously with you to improve your health, routines, and habits, as well as to strengthen your divine feminine. Honour your emotions and vulnerability. Now is a time to shine quietly. Social engagements are best planned for the beginning of the month since later on your tastes and preferences might be more out of alignment with others.  


This is likely to be a productive time for you as creative solutions present themselves in many areas of life. Particularly with getting day-to-day tasks accomplished, and also with broader goals, initial challenges can resolve themselves with minimal effort. People with whom you don’t expect to click can also turn out to be surprisingly resonant. The only fly in your ointment is in the money department. Put off making big acquisitions or investments until after mid-month when the energies will be flowing more harmoniously.


The potential for flirtation is in the air in October, particularly with people with whom you don’t have much in common. You can put on a good show and enjoy the attention if you can hold things lightly. They are probably not The One. In fact, at this time you will want to keep your expectations low at work as well as at play. Pluto’s turn after October 6 turns up the intensity for your need to shine, but others may not be on board with your goals at the moment. Where you can find more success is with improving your health and routines so channel your focus there for the time being.


With three major celestial bodies transiting your sign this month, your energy and vitality are getting a big boost. Take full advantage of the moment but setting a higher bar for yourself and trying to get more done. As long as you are self-aware and refrain from overwhelming others with your energy, you can surely accomplish a lot in this period. Structures and rules can work more in your favor after October 10. Surprising love or money opportunities may present themselves after mid-month. 


Host a get-together or make a worthwhile investment in the first week of October while Venus, symbolizing all that we value, spends her final days in your sign. Your sense of social ease is heightened at the moment as well as your ability to get along with others. As the month progresses, working with colleagues or connecting with new people in your life can be more hit-or-miss. Your messages can get lost in translation. As with Virgo, your health and routines should take on more primary importance at the moment.


Now is a good time to move forward on projects and goals with a trio of supportive planets transiting Libra. Your ideas and efforts are likely to mesh surprisingly well with what other people are after right now so be sure to take advantage of the alignments while they last. By mid-month positive social vibes enter the picture, which is wonderful for joining or hosting gatherings, either online or offline. New acquaintances in particular may become enamored with your social charms at this time. Any investments or big decisions about money are better made after the first week of the month.


Love and money prospects are best right at the beginning of October. Keep your eyes peeled for invites or social situations where opportunities could present themselves, and say yes when possible. Meanwhile, you are also more conflict-prone right now with friends and colleagues. Others’ well-intentioned advice may grate on your ears and trigger defensive tactics. If you can set aside your hurt, their words may actually be quite helpful. That said, there is a real possibility of others working at cross-purposes to you at this time and it may be wiser to incubate your ideas on your own for now.



Forward-moving energy is supporting your growth and furthering your progress. Jupiter and Saturn are making their way back over parts of your sign, bringing discipline and expansion. Meanwhile the trio of planets in Libra could herald kindred spirits and plenty of people willing to jump onboard with your ideas. Beyond just agreeing with you, they can very well roll up their sleeves and help you execute your brilliant plans. Now may not seem like the greatest time for new love – you are busy after all – but the energy shifts as the month gets underway. Possibilities may open up unexpectedly.


Asteroid Pallas Athena’s extended stay in your sign is calling on you to summon forth your inner divine feminine. Let down your guard and embrace vulnerability without letting anyone trespass your emotions or take advantage of your warmth. Once again, this month is not generally geared toward making progress with your work or projects. Make any big financial or romantic decisions in the first week of the month. Any effort you make toward improving your diet and health are more likely to yield dividends.   

About Our Astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She offers the standard caveat that the most relevant astrological interpretations are based on birth charts.  De Rui is a member of the British Astrological Association and the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and is a graduate of Harvard College.  

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