Welcome to March! Tatler's astrologist, De Rui and founder of Hong Kong-based astrology service, Chart Life brings us our monthly horoscope forecast for March 2022

Humanitarian efforts and activism become even more pronounced after the first week of March as Venus and Mars join Mercury in the sign of Aquarius. Events on the world or local stage may give us a strong sense of collective purpose. We can gain an intuitive understanding that what happens to one happens to us all.

From March 3, the New Moon in Pisces also asks us to explore how spirituality fits into our lives, how we have been shaped by forces beyond human perception or understanding. Venus and Mars join with the planetoid Pluto on the same day as the New Moon, animating our greatest fears with the need to do something about them. These two alignments happening at the same time suggests surrendering oneself to higher powers is just what the doctor ordered. Reach out for divine guidance in your own way – for some it is through art or ritual, for others it is through music or prayer. Seek to let love and compassion be your motivation instead of suspicion, distrust, and fear.

Confusion and disorientation may grow after March 10 as Mercury makes its way through Pisces, and as Jupiter and Neptune pull closer and closer together, building towards their conjunction in mid-April. At a time when facts and details are hard to come by, use your heart and intuition to understand. If an idea, deal, or project sounds good but you can’t shake a bad feeling about it, walk away. This moment requires us to dial down the left brain and dial up the right brain. It is a time to trust your inner knowing.

From the Virgo Full Moon on March 18 onwards, the motivation to serve and improve things in a concrete way comes to the foreground. After a period of surrender and spiritual reconciliation, we can now be more discerning and clear-eyed, and yet the process of pointing out flaws and fixing errors may not be all smooth. Acting or speaking before thinking is a real possibility with Sun’s passage into impulsive Aries, as well as difficult planetary contacts to Uranus in the second half of March. Seek healthy ways to release restless energy, like physical exercise or picking up a new hobby.

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Energies in the opening days of March are especially supportive for anything you have to write or present. Get any tough conversations you need to have out of the way during the first 10 days of the month. During this portal, fears may come up for you, and it may be possible to lean on your communicative abilities to see things through. By the middle part of the month, you will be in greater alignment with others in terms of complementary actions and values. Personal tastes and preferences as well can mesh well during what will likely be a more productive period. Venus and Saturn joining forces in the final days of March could bring a greater sense of security. 


Turbulent energies at the start of the month are an opportunity to grapple with what being safe and secure means to you. With Venus and Mars joining forces with powerful Pluto, the urge to act on your natural instincts will be strong. The alternative is to shift your perspectives, especially if someone or something is asking you to look at things from another angle. Your sign is well-positioned to achieve the inner transformation that our fears call for, particularly around the themes of structural or material security at this time. The Full Moon on March 18 supports your ability to go with the flow and adapt your reality to the changing situation.


The pull to explore higher realms as signified by the Pisces New Moon on March 3 is tougher for you to participate in than for others. Your light-hearted nature doesn’t normally lend itself easily to contemplating the meaning of life and our connections to the divine, and yet there is a great need to reconcile with these topics if you are to gain a better sense of who you are and where to place your faith and optimism. Once the month gets underway, your productivity and personal effectiveness are likely to increase with just a minor amount of effort. A spouse or long-term partner becomes a rock or strong support as the month winds down.


Explorations of the heart and soul come naturally to you, if not strictly in a spiritual sense than in an artistic or ritualistic sense. The Pisces New Moon on March 3 initiates some contemplations about your relationship with higher powers and what life is about. You more so than others can understand the need for humility and the limits of human ability, as well as the need for compassion. By mid-month, Mercury’s passage into Pisces can bring kindred spirits and people who support your views and ideas. And as planets fly past Jupiter and Neptune in the same sign, your powers of creativity and sense of confidence can receive sporadic jolts of energy in the coming weeks.


Feminine healers of some type could be an important source of affirmation and support as asteroids Pallas Athena and Chiron join their energies in your fellow Fire sign, Aries. Wisdom, expertise, or some sense of restored justice could bring some healing to old wounds to the body or soul. In the meantime, it is likely to be a more confrontational month. Challenges to your perceptions or views could continue until March 10, when conflicts around tastes, values, and instinctual reactions could arise. The saving grace is that such opposition is out in the open—rather than behind the scenes—and can be dealt with quickly and respectfully. By the time the Sun moves into Aries, you are more likely to meet with kindred spirits.


As with Taurus and Capricorn, the opportunity to deal with fears is ripe for the taking. Structural supports, in particular, could be a major theme and requires reflection and understanding at a deeper level. This allows for the possibility of transcending darker motivations and letting yourself be guided more by light and love. It may feel utterly out of character, but now is the time to practice letting go a little and having more trust that everything will be OK. By the time the Full Moon is constellated in your sign on March 18, you will have a much better sense of what you can contribute and what you can’t, where you can be useful and where not to waste time. Feelings of wholeness and inner peace are within reach.


As with Aries, you are receiving supportive energies for your writing, speaking, and overall communication in the first few days of March. Schedule any presentations or logistically tricky events within the first 10 days, before Mercury the Winged Messenger enters the more ephemeral and elusive sign of Pisces. After that, your productivity will be supported in other ways, including via your social and interpersonal charms as well as the strength of your willpower. Venus and Saturn joining in Aquarius in the latter part of March suggests a positive experience judging the true value of things or acquiring something of value at a reasonable price. A spouse or long-term partner could be a source of strength.


Carve out the time in your schedule to mark the Pisces New Moon in the wee hours of March 3. As a Water sign creature, you should have no qualms about exploring the unseen side of life. Setting a conscious intention to honor higher powers can be extra beneficial and affirming for you. At this time, you will want to manage your own and others’ expectations for how productive you can be. Conflicts and disagreements where both (or all) sides dig in their heels can erupt and be difficult to resolve. After Mercury transits into Pisces on March 10, its softer, more intuitive functioning can support your personal writing, speaking, or logistical activities.


Planetary activity over in Pisces, including the New Moon on March 3, are not likely to feel very comfortable for you this month and next. Even if you are not religious, make a special effort to explore the spiritual or artistic side of life in the first two weeks of March. A female healer of some kind may be a source of support, offering wisdom, expertise, or even restoring some sense of justice with respect to old wounds. It is a good time to trust your impulses in allowing for this type of healing to happen. Meanwhile, planets in Aquarius allow for plenty to get done and an easy flow of ideas once the balls get rolling.


You and your fellow Earth signs have a real chance to grow out of old patterns at the start of March. The desire to act on fear can seem tempting, and yet you can clearly observe an alternate path of greater trust in the goodness of life. Dig deep into your insecurities and see if they are based on fact and grounded in reality. Explore your connection to the higher plane of art and spirit. Rewards will come at and after the Full Moon on March 18, when you will have a natural sense of where to step in to make improvements and where to step back to let things take their course. You are better placed than other signs to make the most of these energies.


Your confidence and vitality will be riding high in March as a procession of planets pass through your sign. Logistical planning and words are flowing easily, and your personal effectiveness improves as the month progresses. Things just seem to go your way. As with Leo and Sagittarius, a female figure of some type could be important in terms of providing wisdom and healing for deep, childhood wounds. Trust your gut feelings in relation to this person. This month’s lunar themes around spirituality and service may sound extremely foreign to your ear. If you can find a way to participate in the process, the insights and rewards could be enormous. But they might just be a bridge too far at this time, when reality seems to be manifesting everything you think you are after.


The collective themes of the moment require you to step up and help others along the path. A New Moon in your sign is a time when outer events are aligned with your inner experience. With this gift, you can help others grasp the interconnectedness of all things and the necessary role of surrender as you do. When Mercury moves into your sign on March 10, there can be an abundance of support for your perceptions and views. This is a time when your wisdom is needed and appreciated, so share it far and wide. Being mortal, any fears and demons lurking within can also crop up during this period. With enough courage, effort, and willingness, they can be transmuted into something beautiful.

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De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She cautions that while the Sun sign is important, it's not the only relevant factor in our birth charts. Always look at your whole chart, or contact a professional for assistance. De Rui is a member of the UK-based Faculty of Astrological Studies, and is a graduate of Harvard University.   


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