These digital platforms offer access to professional mental health counselling online as well as self-help motivation during lockdown

1. ThoughtFullChat

ThoughtFull was founded in 2018 by a Malaysian ex-JP Morgan Chase & Co. banker, Joan Low, who was convinced that tech platforms had the potential to alleviate the stigma of seeking mental health guidance and connect mental health professionals to underserved groups here in Asia.

The subscription-based ThoughtFullChat app aims to help users connect easily with a mental health professional online while giving users the keys to own their mental health journey through one-on-one coaching segments, emotional progress charts, mental wellness learning packs and more. ThoughtFullChat has tailored packages for individuals, corporations and insurers.   

Find it on The App Store and Google Play

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2. PlusVibes

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Photo; PlusVibes
Above Photo; PlusVibes

Need a listening ear? The PlusVibes mobile app is a free, comprehensive tool that connects you to local mental health associations and trained listeners while providing curated motivational materials on family relationships, finance, physical health and other pertinent topics. PlusVibes takes a proactive approach by targeting users who are not in a severe point in their mental health – those who can stand to benefit from talking through issues anonymously with medical professionals via call or text. The app also offers a number of breathing and meditation guides to help reduce anxiety.  

Find it on The App Store and Google Play.   

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3. Naluri

Co-founded by Azran Osman-Rani, digital health solutions platform Naluri seeks to help users identify and achieve their physical and mental health goals by connecting them with a team of health experts, including clinical psychologists, health coaches, dieticians and more who will offer tailored guidance. The app aims to offer well-rounded support to both high-risk and low-risk users who are encouraged to set their health goals and follow them through with progress-measuring tools, peer support groups and dedicated professional help. 

Find it on The App Store and Google Play.  

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4. Intellect

Singapore-based mental wellness startup Intellect offers individuals self-help guided programmes rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help them deal with anxiety, relationship issues and low self-esteem. The paid segment of the app that targets employers, however, offers a Behavioural Health Coaching telehealth feature that lets users connect with mental health professionals easily and swiftly to help manage workplace issues like burn-out, work stress and more.

Find it on The App Store and Google Play.

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