The Tatler team tries out Hong Kong's hottest new black light boxing gym

Turning the lights out usually signals bedtime for most, but at Lights Out Hong Kong, flicking the switch means it’s about to get lit.

This is Hong Kong’s first party-style boxing club after all, where the lights are dim and the energy is through the roof. With a roster of hot, chiseled trainers and even hotter soundtracks (ranging from classic hip-hop, high-energy EDM to the latest K-pop hits), it’s no wonder that we’ve been seeing more and more gym selfies from Lights Out ever since it opened last month.

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Above Billy Tam (Photo: Courtesy of Lights Out Hong Kong)

Location and concept

Set on the same floor as Warrior Hong Kong (the former home of Coastal Fitness), Lights Out is founded by the same owner—Billy Tam—who was inspired by “boxing nightclubs” he’d seen in the US and UK.

Many refer to it as the “XYZ” of boxing, but instead of cycling to the beat, classes at Lights Out focus on technique more than following the beat. Boxing is a sport that’s often seen as a complicated sport to get into, explained Billy, and Lights Out is meant to make it much less intimidating.

Hand wraps, for instance, are done away with and replaced by Lights Out-branded fingerless gloves that have built-in knuckle padding, while boxing moves such as punches and jabs are referred to by number in an effort to make them easier to remember (more on that later).

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Above Floor workout stations (Photo: Courtesy of Lights Out Hong Kong)

The class

Classes at Lights Out are 45 minutes long and take place in a room divided into two sides, with nine Aqua punching bags on the left and nine circuit training stations on the right. Both face a wall of mirrors so that you can see your reflection (or shall we say, silhouette) at all times.

Billy, who was our instructor that day, first walked us through all the basic boxing moves (e.g. the punch, cross, jab, hook and upper cut—represented by the numbers one through six) and then explained the first set of floor workouts.

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The floor workouts combined exercises such as dumbbell thrusters, renegade rows, tuck jumps and ball slams, while the boxing combinations were various series of numbers such as 1-2-5.

This made the workout quite easy to follow, and with the music turned up and club lighting in full force, we could really lose ourselves and get our sweat on without having to worry about coordination.

Between each round, Billy would explain each move again for clarity, and the intensity of the workout increased as time went on. Before we knew it, four rounds had passed and we were a sweaty mess.

The class closed off with some simple stretches, followed by plenty of time to grab our workout selfies (pics or it didn’t happen, right?).


There’s something about doing things in the dark that makes it more fun, and Lights Out Hong Kong is no exception. The unique “boxing nightclub” concept, high-energy playlists, and mix of HIIT, strength and circuit training offers an effective full-body workout with plenty of cool factor.

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Above Maya (Photo: Erica Fong/Hong Kong Tatler)

And, if you feel the need to burn some extra calories after class, there're always towel tugs-of-war with Maya, the gym’s resident dog (aka. Billy’s adorable Frenchie).

Lights Out Hong Kong, 3/F, Block C, Sea View Estate, 8 Watson Street, Tin Hau, Hong Kong, +852 2512 2262

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