The life and happiness coach has created a set of 31 cards to encourage people to lead happier lives by making small changes to their routines to guide those who want to mindfully practise gratitude, one card at a time

Between managing Sheens Image Consulting and being a certified life coach, Shireena Shroff Manchharam is still able to effectively juggle a social life, work out and spend ample time with her husband and two young children. All with a positive attitude and during a pandemic, no less. What exactly is her secret? And how does she handle it all without feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a clue: it has to do with positive psychology and the art of practising gratitude.

Earlier this year, Shroff Manchharam noticed a pattern among her clients, many of whom were deeply unhappy with their lives. The stress was then exacerbated due to the global crisis at hand. With many stuck at home with little to no avenue to relieve their anxiety, her clients started opening up to her about the discontent and frustrations they were feeling.

Shroff Manchharam wanted to find a way to encourage her clients to practise mindfulness and gratitude. But that wasn’t something easy to introduce to people unfamiliar with the wellness movement; some might even find it intimidating. She thought simple solution was needed, leading to her to create Getting to Happy, a set of 31 cards to encourage people to lead happier lives by making small changes to their routines. These also serve as cue cards— daily reminders to intentionally practise mindfulness over a month.

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Above Life coach, Shireena Shroff Manchharam

“A lot of times, mindfulness and gratitude can come across as ‘hippy’. Burn sage so that negative vibes leave your house. Do yoga and meditate for hours,” she shares candidly. “But it’s hard to do all of that, especially when you’re busy and depressed. What I’ve done is put across the information in bite-sized pieces so that it’s manageable in our daily lives.”

Each card will come with your intention for the day, along with science-based evidence on the other side to explain why doing this task will improve your well-being and make you happier. The box set is available at

If Shroff Manchharam had to pick one card from the deck, what would it be?

“My favourite card is ‘The Best Shower of Your Life’. We never give thanks to the fact that we have hot water. So, when you go into your shower, give thanks,” she says.

“I know it sounds unnatural but it’s not about saying thank you to your shower, but rather about appreciating the moment. Take your towel, leave your phone outside and create this environment where you feel good in. Take the time to soak in the soap, the smells and the water. That’s what being mindful is about, it’s as simple as that.”

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