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Antonia Da Cruz, general manager of gym membership platform GuavaPass, is as comfortable in her gym kit as her business attire, with a job that requires her to test classes and meet trainers from all the best gyms and boutique studios in the city and across Asia.  We caught up with Cruz to find out some of her top tips for staying fit and healthy:

What's your favourite exercise class?

I have too many to decide on a favourite. I love the Cycle-Switch class at TORQ, HIT45, Hard Core at Pherform, Push Your Limits at TopFit to name a few. 

Describe a week's workout regime:

I’ll usually try to do at least three classes per week (with a mix of cardio, functional training and stretching) and then incorporate my own other activities on the other days outside of the classes time permitting.

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 Where do you like to run?

I absolutely love Bowen Road. It’s just the right distance, scenic, and most importantly flat! Unfortunately now that I live in Kennedy Town I don’t run there anymore; and summer months make it unbearable to be outdoors so I need as much A/C as possible.


Photo: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler

How do you stay motivated?

Realising that everyone is in much better shape than me—therefore I must force myself to go exercise.

Hardest workout you have ever done?

It would probably have to be Bearcamp with Ursus Fitness way back before they moved into their space on Pokfulam Road. I had no idea what I had signed up for. The tyre flipping, sled pushing, sledgehammering and “minutes of hell” (verbatim) in between each exercise which consisted of burpees, push ups etc., left me beetroot purple in the face and feeling so incredibly sick. 

Favourite active wear stores and brands? 

Aside from the usual mainstream brands, I like ALALA and MICHI. One to watch for is Tory Burch’s new Tory Sports (I have the cutest tennis outfit by them). As for stores, Caelum Greene undoubtedly has the best selections and designers.

What does a cheat day look like for you?

Junk food and wine. Repeat. 

What’s on your workout playlist?

House, EDM or rock. It needs to be something heavy and/or aggressive with an upbeat tempo to psych myself up. But because I do attend a lot of group classes it’s usually whatever the instructor has on their playlist. That and a lot of motivational shouting usually does the trick.


Photo: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler

Your favourite health foods and healthy restaurants?

Avocados, especially when they taste so good in places like Australia! That, berries and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. For restaurants I usually go to Supafood, MANA!, Be-juiced, Pololi, Elephas, and Kale—which has thankfully recently relocated to Causeway Bay where I work.

 How do you stay fit when travelling?

It depends on where the destination is and how hectic my itinerary is. If it’s a beach holiday I’ll indulge in all the water sports available, if it’s a skiing holiday, well then I’ll ski, obviously. If it’s not an active holiday, I’ll just be eating and lazing around. 

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What would be your advice to someone starting out on a fitness regime?

Try as many things possible before you decide to stick with one thing if that’s ultimately what you want to do. If it appears daunting (for example CrossFit), then go with a buddy. Not only will it bring out your competitive edge, but you can also motivate and encourage each other—it may even become a substitute for happy hour!


Photo: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler

Is there a sport or activity you’ve never tried but want to?

Squirrel flying. I’ve bungee jumped, skydived, hang glided.. but now that I’ve become more risk averse in my older age it’s just never going to happen. Everything scares me now, even heights. Oh and ghosts, but that’s another story.

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Morning or evening workout?

I prefer lunchtime! It’s a great way to break up the day if you have the luxury of doing so, and I do actually feel more pumped after a workout so I’m more productive. 

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Photo: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler

Who is your ‘fitspiration’ or sporting hero?

Bruce Lee. Taken too young, he was an incredible athlete and martial artist. I grew up watching his movies and he made every Hongkonger so proud. 

 Best ‘fitstagram’ to follow?

@amandabisk is seriously awesome! I haven’t seen many women able to do a one handed handstand. She’s super talented in all disciplines and her posts not only have that beautiful artistic flair to them but they’re also educational. As you can tell I have a major girl crush!

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