Jonathan and Rea Tjoa Algreen, the innovative and passionate couple behind 1 People, share with us their expertise on how their brand thrives amid the fast-fashion trend and their strategies for advocating and raising awareness of sustainability

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With environmental awareness on the rise, business industries seek to provide alternatives to save the world. From technology to food and beverages, an increasing number of fashion labels are also declaring their commitment to looking after the environment, and many of them are also easily available. One such ethical brand that allows you to easily contribute to creating a better world is 1 People.

Established in Denmark back in 2012 before expanding to Indonesia in 2018, 1 People aims to be a platform on which active urban women can live up to their lifestyle standards while also acting on their concerns about the environment and social issues. In a recent interview, Jonathan and Rea Tjoa Algreen, the couple behind 1 People, shared with us their expertise on how the brand has achieved all it has to date.

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Eco-friendly fashion seems to get more popular every day. How does your brand offer something innovative that other companies don’t?

Jonathan: With our experience in various industries, we certainly believe in ourselves. Our intention is not only to change the industry, but also to set a good example of being a changemaker in business in general. We want to inspire and to show the world that business can be done differently to how it’s done today. There’s no reason to have a single focus on profits. We have to look at this from bigger perspectives and see business as a strong tool to create real change in the world. With our business, it’s all about keeping the planet safe and sustainable for everyone. That’s the message we’re trying to convey to our business partners and customers.

Do you think 1 People is indicative of the future of fashion?

Jonathan: What makes 1 People unique compared with other similar businesses is the high-quality products that we are focusing on and our unique signature Danish design. We support that approach by giving a three-year warranty on every purchase. On top of that, we also have 365 days free return policy for every product purchased by our customers. We believe so much in ourselves and what we are doing, and we value our customers to the extent that we’re willing to give them such privileges.

How do you go about attracting new customers who aren’t necessarily seeking out eco-friendly products?

Jonathan: We have other projects that are more than just focusing on sustainability, like social responsibility; namely, “Business for Planet”, a free online educational programme that educates entrepreneurs and the leaders of tomorrow of impacting the people and the planet in a positive and sustainable way.

How does being eco-friendly thrive amid the fast-fashion trend? What’s your strategy for staying relevant in the market?

Rea: Eco-friendly fashion is slowly taking its place in the market, and that is because of the support from customers and different kinds of organisation. We definitely know that in Indonesia it’s new, but we can see that it’s growing and we have experienced a lot of interest in our products, values and approach. When we have events, we get a chance to meet people—we talk with them and we can really see that this is something that has been missing in the market.

Jonathan: Our research shows that people are slowly going in one direction and the sustainability trend is rapidly growing not only in the lifestyle industry, but also in the fashion industry. The trend is growing everywhere, including in Europe. We are totally grateful to be here in Indonesia to see that growth and to be part of the movement.

What is the trend for eco-friendly products, especially activewear, in the Indonesian market?

Jonathan: Our data tells us that it’s growing rapidly in Indonesia and that’s also what we have experienced when we meet eco-conscious women at our many free events in Jakarta and Bali. There’s a growing knowledge and understanding of that each and every one of us has the potential to create real change through what we purchase and that’s what we see all over the world.

Women increasingly choose to show that they care about their families, their communities and Mother Earth. This is by purchasing fabrics and other products that don’t contain anything dangerous to their families, their bodies and the environment.

We really believe that the real game changers of today are women all over the world who will not accept the status quo any longer, and who will not accept businesses that don’t care about their families or the environment. And the way we meet their needs is by having a very comprehensive and “all in” approach to how and what we produce. We always put people and the planet in mind in all our decision making processes. It’s a way to walk our talk, it’s not just empty words.

What’s next for 1 People in 2020?

Jonathan: There will be a lot of new things happening in 2020. One of the main highlights is that every month we’re launching new collections. We will come up with new collections of clothing, shoes, sunglasses and many more of great eco-friendly designer products. This year, we are also planning to open our own concept stores in Jakarta and Bali. 

Rea: We also have several events every month, which will be primarily held in Jakarta and Bali. Another important thing to mention is that our Business for Planet project is supported by 40 per cent of the profits from 1 People’s main business. This project teaches a new way of doing business and is our way of leading the charge for positive impact quickly but responsibly all over the world. 

Visit 1 People website to know more of their products and their commitments towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility. 

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