With more than 285 million views on YouTube, this abs routine is the most popular home workout online. Best of all, it's free, you won't need to buy anything fancy, and... it works?

It wasn't long ago that Brunei-born, Melbourne-raised statistician Chloe Ting quit her full time job in finance to embark on a social media and content creation career—and while she had moderate success for several years, it wasn't until 2020, when the entire world went into lockdown, that Chloe Ting became a household name... at least, among the YouTube generation.

"No matter how many times I say it, I'm still a little hesitant to say that I'm a YouTuber or a content creator," Ting said in a talk at Vidcon in late 2019. "I still feel a little bit shy and embarrassed about it sometimes." We hope Ting knows she has zero reason to feel any sense of embarrassment, especially since her career as a fitness influencer has skyrocketed over the past year and she's ascended the throne to become the fitness guru of the internet.

Chloe Ting's "Abs Workout Challenge" has taken off among millions of people stuck in home quarantine and, at time of publication, her 11-minute Get Abs in 2 Weeks video is the number-one home workout video on YouTube, with 285,151,199 views and counting. The quick at-home abdominal workout only requires a floor mat (no fancy equipment necessary!) and is part of a two-week series targeting the mid-section. Check it out, below.

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The cult of Chloe Ting caught on quickly when home workouteers began posting videos of themselves attempting her abs challenge—as well as their body transformation results—on both Tik Tok and YouTube. If the hundreds of testimonials are anything to go by, the Chloe Ting home workout actually... works.

Beyond abs, Chloe Ting also holds the number-two most popular home workout spot on YouTube with her "2 Week Shred Challenge" video Do This Everyday to Lose Weight, currently sitting at 130,474,469 views. This full-body home workout routine also required no special equipment, only a floor exercise mat. 

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