You won’t have to ask them the awkward, “What time were you born?” question anymore with this new dating app

If you’re a self-proclaimed astrology enthusiast who’s looking for love during Covid-19, we’ve got good news: a brand new astrologically-informed dating app named Oromoon will soon be on the market, helping you connect with other like-minded, spiritual people. 

Diving deeper than just analysing your horoscope, the app will also determine your compatibility with matches based on your birth chart, which can tell you how more about your personality or path in life; synastry chart, which shows the impact you and your future partner may have on each other; and composite chart, a guide that gives you clues to the nature of your relationship. 

Other details such as planetary aspects, which determines whether your relationship will be easy or challenging; and planetary transits, which forecasts future trends and developments will also be used to help you find your true love. 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Oromoon

However, the app hopes to help you with more than just finding love. Their mission? To “elevate confidence and spirituality in an age of uncertainty”, helping you engage in self-discovery, awareness and reflection through their astrology readings. 

On how the app actually works, Oromoon wants to keep most of its magic a secret. However, they reveal on their website that their team of astrologers draw their expertise from practical experience and vetted research to match you with people suited to you. 

Much like Bumble where you’d be given a time limit before the match expires, Oromoon gives both parties 48 messages to initiate the first conversation. If neither side reaches out, the connection will expire, and you’ll need to pay for their premium features to rematch with them again. 

Oromoon will be available in the App Store later this 2021. While there aren’t plans for an Android app yet, follow their website for the latest updates. 

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