This year’s Global Wellness Summit takes place in Singapore and aims to shape the future of the industry

In 2007, a group of spa and wellness leaders put their heads together and decided to gather experts from across the globe to address various challenges within the wellness industry. The result was the first Global Wellness Summit in New York. More than a decade later, the three-day summit has grown into the largest wellness conference in the world, with visionaries from every wellness sector—beauty, nutrition, fitness, medicine, lifestyle and more—from more than 50 countries sharing their knowledge on an invitation-only basis.

Held in a different country each year, the conference has travelled through the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and this year it will be held in Singapore.

Under the umbrella of the theme “Shaping the business of wellness,” this year’s summit will focus on business and investment trends around the globe, shining a spotlight in particular on doing business in Asia. Experts will address a broad range of topics spanning anti-ageing, mental health, preventative medicine and spas, as well as wellness architecture and real estate, wellness tourism and hospitality, and wellness at the workplace.

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Keynote speakers from Hong Kong include Peggy Chan of vegan restaurant Nectar, and fashion blogger Divia Harilela. Also in the lineup are Rick Stollmeyer, founder of wellness software company Mindbody; Qing Li of the Japanese Society of Forest Therapy; Naveen Jain, founder of gut microbiome testing company Viome; and Susie Ellis, CEO and chairman of the Global Wellness Institute.

Senior research fellows from the Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit educational and research foundation that develops some of the most frequently cited research concerning the wellness economy, will also present its latest research on the global physical activities market.

The summit aims to shape the future of the wellness industry by encouraging dialogue, collaboration and a sense of community; cultivating future leaders; and supporting research, innovation and problem-solving.

A wide variety of events will be on offer for more than 600 attendees, including keynote speeches, presentations, panels and networking opportunities. Past speakers include the Dalai Lama, hotelier Ian Schrager, Richard Carmona, who was the Surgeon General of the US from 2002-06, and the former presidents of Switzerland and Costa Rica.

The Global Wellness Summit will take place from October 15–17 at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Find out more at

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