If a bit of #fitspiration is what you need to keep your fitness goals on track, you may want to follow these seven Tatler listers

June is the best month to review any fitness goals you might've set at the beginning of the year, especially if motivation is starting to slip. Luckily, our city’s movers and shakers make staying active both effortless and glamorous, so there's no excuse not to follow suit.

From boutique gym owners to fashion designers, here are seven Hong Kong Tatler listers who'll make you want to live your best #sweatlife:

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1. Belinda Koo

A mother of three, Belinda Koo wears multiple hats in the wellness circuit, specifically as the founder of Hong Kong’s leading indoor cycling studio XYZ and travel brand Sojournal. Besides bringing a mindful approach to her cycling classes, Belinda also practices yoga and meditation on a regular basis and integrates outdoor workouts into her travels.

Follow her at @belinda_koo

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2. Patricia Tung-Gaw

Outside of the social circle she shares with husband Kenneth Gaw, Patricia (“Patty”) Tung-Gaw documents her active lifestyle under the roof of her gorgeous home, where she performs TRX, arm and core workouts, yoga and boxing. The co-owner of apparel brand Ferastyle is an avid skier, swimmer and wakesurfer who's also certified in nutrition, so you can always count on her tips on healthy living.

Follow her on @feraski

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3. Antonia Li

Antonia Li's passion for fitness is evident on her Instagram feed, where she showcases photos of herself trail running, surfing, boxing, practising Pilates and working out at the gym. A globetrotter who enjoys the outdoors, Antonia makes it a point to stay active even on the road, from riding the waves in Hawaii to game reserve trekking in South Africa.

Follow her on @antoniamli

4. Alison Chan-El Azar

A mother of two who is incredibly fit—Alison Chan-El Azar is usually seen at some of the most exclusive events around town. When she's not all dolled up, she is busy doing some kind of sport (such as kickboxing or wakesurfing), often in the company of her two adorable children, Khalil and Kaia.

Follow her on @alisonelazar

5. Yen Kuok

The youngest daughter of Shangri-La and Kerry Group founder Robert Kuok, Yen is not one to shy away from sharing her #sweatlife moments on social media. The CEO and founder of luxury consignment company, Guiltless, can be seen doing yoga and checking into gyms around town in stylish activewear.  

Follow her on @yenskiboo

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6. Harris Chan

Harris Chan, the creative director and deputy CEO of Moiselle, exercises not only his creative muscles for his high fashion brand—his fit physique is also proof of hours spent at the gym. His feed is a mix of glamorous fashion events, gym and travel inspiration. 

Follow him on @harris_chan_ph

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7. Esther Ma

A lover of golf, squash, triathlons and all things active, Esther is the founder of PR company Prestique and sports education company Harvest Sky. When she isn’t exercising in the park or conquering snow mountains, she dedicates her time to supporting charities including Splash Foundation and the Academy for Performing Arts.

Follow her on @esthermalee

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