Get glowing with our pick of Hong Kong's best luxury spa treatments to get you summer-ready

1. Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa

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Above Photo: Courtesy of the Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa

Treatment: Contouring detox experience at the Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa

The experience: The treatment began with a brisk salt scrub to boost circulation, followed by a quick shower. The therapist then applied a translucent green, spirulina-algae gel all over my body and wrapped my limbs and torso with individual rolls of bandages soaked in water—making me feel like a drenched mummy. Next, I returned to the massage bed and was wrapped, burrito-style, in a Biosli thermal blanket to heat up and sweat out any toxins. The final step, after removing all the bandages and another shower, was a firm yet relaxing lymphatic massage to eliminate any remaining toxins.

Verdict: Although being slathered in jelly, wrapped like a mummy and heated up like a burrito may sound like torture to some, this treatment was exactly what I needed to debloat my body and get rid of water retention—fast. For anyone who's a frequent flyer, eater (or both), it's one of the quickest ways to get rid of the evidence.

Price: HK$4,220 from Monday to Thursday, HK$4,700 from Friday to Sunday and public holidays for the 150-minute treatment

Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa, 8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8888

2. Mandarin Oriental Spa

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Mandarin Spa

Treatment: Detox & Pamper at Mandarin Spa, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

The experience: This four-part treatment is a luxurious programme designed to remove toxins from the body while reducing fluid retention and ultimately, bloating.

First up, shedding old layers: Detox & Pamper begins with a full-body Himalayan Salt Scrub to remove dead skin and promote circulation. This is followed by a Thermal Detox Clay Body Mask to draw out all the toxins and purify the body. While the body mask sets, your therapist will begin an On The Run Facial to ensure your face gets some proper TLC, too.

After washing off the body mask in your spa suite’s private shower, the Detox & Pamper treatment concludes with a lymphatic massage to drain toxins and improve the flow of lymph fluids in the body—crucial for long-term detoxifying.

Verdict: I left feeling brand new and so much lighter, as though months—perhaps even years—worth of built-up toxins had been squeezed right out of me. It’s the perfect ‘reset’ button following a period of over-indulgence, or for anyone feeling overwhelmed and caught up in the busy whirlwind of life in Hong Kong.

Price: HK$3,200 from Monday to Thursday, HK$3,465 from Friday to Sunday for the 150-minute treatment

The Mandarin Spa, 5 Connaught Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2825 4888

3. Plateau Spa

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Plateau Spa

Treatment: Omorovicza Body Scrub and Massage at Plateau Spa

The experience: This indulgent summer spa treatment uses products from luxury Hungarian skincare brand, Omorovicza, to release tension in the body and leave you feeling like a golden goddess. The treatment begins with an application of Omorovicza gold sugar scrub all over the body, followed by an aromatic massage with lavender essential oil. After the massage—which was performed skillfully with moderate pressure and long, flowing strokes—plus the application of Omorovicza's gold shimmer oil as the last step, I felt like a completely different person the moment I walked out of the spa suite. 

Verdict: If you have a yacht party or beach holiday coming up, this golden treatment will leave you feeling firmer, smoother and more radiant than ever.

Price: HK$1,580 for 90 minutes

Plateau Spa, 11/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong, +852 2584 7688

4. Bliss Spa

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Bliss Spa

Treatment: Summer Intensive Makeover Program at Bliss Spa

The experience: Perfect for anyone looking to get bikini-ready, this summer spa treatment is composed of a 45-minute body slimming and firming session and a 90 minute 4D RF and MP thermal face contour, firming and lifting session.

In the first session, a cool gel is applied and rolled over your desired target area (usually stomach or arms) with a hand machine, applying just enough heat to boost collagen and enhance your metabolism. The same is done during the facial treatment, which uses multipolar radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology to address anti-aging concerns, reduce cellulite and tighten your skin.

The treatment was soothing, efficient and complemented by unwavering attention from the staff—not to mention the spa suite itself: a corner room basked in light overlooking Kowloon and Victoria Harbour. By the end of the session, my jawline was more defined and my skin was visibly tighter and glowing.

Verdict: This treatment is perfect for those who want to slim down fast without spending hours in the gym or dieting, weeks in advance. The more you go, the more you will see a visible difference. Please note that the targeted body area will be sore for about a day after completing the treatment.

Price: HK$5,500 for the 90-minute “v” face and eye firming & brightening care session; HK$3,850 per 45-minute RF body add-on treatment session

Bliss Spa, 72/F, W Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Hong Kong

5. Chuan Spa

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Chuan Spa

Treatment: Coconut Ritual at Chuan Spa Hong Kong

The experience: Chuan Spa’s 90-minute Coconut Ritual treatment is a refreshing scrub-massage experience that gets rid of dead skin cells all over the body to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. The treatment began with a 30-minute full-body exfoliation using a premium coconut scrub, followed by a quick shower and 60-minute deep tissue massage with coconut oil. The soothing music and sweet scent of the coconut scrub and oil definitely helped reduce tension and stress, and my skin was glowing for several days after.

Verdict: This treatment is perfect for sun-lovers and beach-goers who love the smell of coconuts.

Price: HK$1,188 for one person, HK$2,188 for two persons for 90 minutes

Chuan Spa, Level 41, 555 Shanghai Street, Cordis, Hong Kong, +852 3552 3510

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