There are days when leaving the house for the gym feels like a workout in itself. So why not invest in building your own home gym? Tech-enabled, ergonomic and stylish, some of these products are so meticulously designed that it seems sinful to sweat on them. Here are five of the most luxurious pieces of fitness equipment that will take your home workouts to the next level:


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Above Photo: Courtesy of Peloton

Price: From approx. HK$17,600

A high-end, high-tech indoor bike that comes with a Wi-Fi-enabled 22-inch touchscreen, Peloton allows you to join high-intensity spin classes in the comfort of your own home.

For a monthly fee, the online subscription comes with unlimited streaming of daily live cycling classes led by top spin instructors from the company’s NYC studio. You can push yourself by joining thousands of other members on the leaderboard and get a studio-grade workout anywhere.

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Tonal

Price: From approx. HK$40,000

Tonal is a revolutionary all-in-one equipment is designed to resemble a weight room. It takes up very little space and—without bulky weight stacks or dumbbell racks—it looks great, too. 

Dubbed “the world’s most intelligent fitness system”, Tonal offers a digital weight training customised to your current and desired fitness level. Powered by machine learning algorithms and an interactive LED screen, Tonal measures your weights, counts your reps, adjusts resistance while you lift to maximise every movement and reviews your performance stats after a session—just like a personal trainer would. 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Mirror

Price: Approx. HK$11,700

This full-length, interactive mirror is about the size of a yoga mat, and features an LCD screen that displays unlimited fitness classes that are available 24 hours per day—HIIT, barre, boxing, yoga and more—including 70+ new live classes per week.

You can either hang it up or lean it against the wall, and when switched off, it functions as a sleek, minimalist mirror; when on, it becomes a gateway to your favourite workouts.

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Pent Lova Kettlebell Set

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Pent

Designed specifically for home or private gyms, these beautiful kettlebells designed by Pent also function as a statement furniture piece.

Handmade from natural European walnut wood, every Lova kettlebell is made-to-order with perfect angles, curves and an exquisite stainless steel finish. Customers can choose from a range of natural woods for a customised look to match their fitness style.

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Hock Goldloft Gold Dumbbells

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Hock Goldloft

Price: Approx. HK$870,000

Arguably the most opulent weights we’ve ever seen, Hock’s luxurious, made-to-order 18-karat gold dumbbells are the world’s most expensive.

Handmade in Germany, the dumbbells are made from rare grenadilla wood and finished in 1,000 grams of 18-karat yellow gold per 1.25kg dumbbell. Doubling as a lavish piece of decor, the set is limited to 50 pieces and are hand delivered anywhere in the world by the manufacturer in an exclusive gift box.

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Technogym Skillmill

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Technogym

Price: HK$76,000

A must-have to complete your home gym, Skillmill by Technogym is a non-motorised, high-tech training product that effortlessly combines style with functionality.

Unlike a regular treadmill, the multidrive technology enables users to power their workouts by experimenting with different combinations of speed and resistance. Designed for users of different heights and body sizes, the dual handlebars allow high and low pushes in correct positioning, assisted by an integrated app that gives access to customised training programmes.

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This article was originally published on 12 September, 2019 and was updated on 16 March, 2020.

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