A sustainable lifestyle is definitely within reach. Here are a few of our favourite brands that can help you get started

Sustainability has been a buzzword for quite some time now. But for those who wish to act upon it, sustainability is also a lifestyle promise. Get in touch with your desire to make more holistic and more wholesome choices with these brands that promise to support you all the way. Why not start by shopping for sustainable, environmentally products that are also aesthetically pleasing.

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1. Simula

Simula is a homegrown brand first founded in 2018. Having been inspired "to begin" a more sustainable lifestyle, Simula's founders, Celina and Maan, created an online shop to embody and empower their own personal goals towards greener living. The store offers many of the most basic necessities including toiletries (such as bamboo toothbrushes and menstrual cups), pet care items (compostable poop bags, anyone?) and even food. We're particularly excited to try their cashew milk and tablea, which come in exciting flavours such as strawberry and peppermint. 

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2. Loop Store PH

Based along Katipunan, Loops Store PH focuses on a holistic lifestyle based on consuming less. Not only do they offer exciting foodstuffs such as pasta kits, they also carry eco-friendly fashion items like tote bags and plant-based iPhone cases. Those who own small businesses might also like to explore Loop Store's assortment of eco-packaging solutions that include seaweed packaging paper and abaca twine. 

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3. Lieu

Lieu is all about providing alternatives. Their bestsellers are, more often than not, ordinary items that have been remade to become more sustainable and durable. They have reusable coffee cups, bamboo straw and cutlery sets, chic tote bags, and bamboo bowls. Each of these items is made to withstand multiple uses and are ultimately a better choice, not just for the environment, but for your wallet too! 

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4. Ritual

Not only does Ritual support the sustainable lifestyle, they also champion many local ingredients that would be otherwise difficult to find around the Metro. They have dried gamet seaweed from Cagayan and even the impressive asin tibook (rare Filipino artisanal sea salt) from Bohol. There's balicucha from Ilocos and cocoa powder from Davao, pigeon beans from Kalinga and nipa starch from Maguindanao. Check out all the amazing local foodstuffs—that you can get refilled by appointment—from Ritual in Makati!

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5. Humble Market

The Humble Market is another wholesome online shop that serves a wide variety of lifestyle choices. They have everything from food to home care to pet care and self-care. You can even opt to buy wholesale! From plantable pens to reusable containers, adorable candles, and even superfood items, the Humble Market has got it all ready for you. 

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6. La Local

The resurgence of loving local is not lost on La Local, an artisanal lifestyle store that serves up only the best of what the Philippines has to offer. They have unique gift items such as the Klaypel art DIY kit, Filipino-themed playing cards, and even bahay kubo organisers. Their apparel is also a must-not-miss with items such as the katsa kimono and locally made swimwear to bring to the beach. 

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7. The Eco Shift

The Eco Shift makes it so easy to start or continue your journey towards sustainability. With their Swap and Refill Subscription (which also offers free shipping!), homeowners will be able to get all the necessary items delivered to their doorstep, from body wash to laundry detergent to dish soap and even fabric conditioner. Aside from that, their personal care items also include shampoo and body bars that will leave you feeling fresh and fragrant, without stepping too much on Mother Nature's toes. 

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8. Zero Basics PH

Available through the Beauty MNL website, Zero Basics offers self-care necessities that come in reusable jars and tubs. They have everything from toothpaste to all-purpose cleaner and lip oil. The best part? Some of their products come in litre refills which mean less waste! 

Visit them on the Beauty MNL website

9. The Good Trade

Get all the good stuff on The Good Trade! With pick-ups available at BGC, The Good Trade has become the south's best sustainable living store. They have arts and crafts, accessories, personal care items, and even home decor. Check out their bamboo desktop organiser, their innovative rice straws, or their soap bar for pets! 

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