Add these Hong Kong yogis to your Instagram feed for a daily dose of yoga inspiration

Shaping up to be one of Asia’s leading wellness hubs, Hong Kong’s fitness scene is thriving—from wellness retreats and spas offering an urban escape as well as new classes and studios popping up. 

With gyms finally reopened, we bring to you 20 Hong Kong yogis, from instructors to studio owners, to follow on Instagram. Feeling inspired? Get your mat ready and join the likes of Gianni Melwani, Jessica Lee and Natalie Soderstrom for your next practice on the mat. 

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1. Jessica Lee, acroyoga guru

2. Victor Chau, yoga instructor

3. May Nogoy, Yogi and wellness curator at Fivelements

4. Gianni Melwani, co-founder of Ikigai

5. Natalie Soderstrom, yoga instructor and wellness coach

6. Clare Lim, yoga & movement educator, yoga podcast host

7. Rosemary Vandenbroucke, model and yoga instructor

8. James White, vegetarian yoga instructor

9. Lindsay Jang, private yoga instructor, co-founder of Yardbird

10. Malbert Lee, gong and singing bowl master

11. Yentl Lo, yoga instructor and outdoor junkie

12. Wendy Du, yogi and meditation teacher at Shan Studios

13. Agnes Chan and Faris Chan, yoga instructors at One Yoga Studio

14. James Gannaban, yogi and lifestyle blogger

15. Nikita Ramchandani, founder of Kita Yoga

16. Valerie Lam, TVB actress and YouTuber

17. Audrey Sze, yoga instructor and dog lover

18. Doris Au-Yeung, Yoga teacher at Soho House and FLOWGA

19. Delia Leung, Dharma yoga teacher and Nike yoga trainer

20. Aleksandra Milewicz, founder of Bamboo Yoga

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This article was originally published on September 20, 2019 and was updated on February 23, 2021.

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