Yoga isn't just for women—more and more men are discovering the benefits of stepping away from the hustle and bustle and onto the mat to regain their zen. From certified yoga teachers to sound therapists and studio founders, we've listed Hong Kong's top male yogis below: See also: 15 Hong Kong Yoga Teachers To Follow Right Now

1. Victor Chau

Tatler Asia
Above Photo: Courtesy of @victorchauyoga

From taking a break as a fashion PR in Beijing to transitioning into a full-time yoga teacher, Victor began the path of a yogi when he dedicated himself to a month of teacher training in India eight years ago. It wasn't long until he decided to quit his job and move back to Hong Kong to settle into his yoga career. 

You can find Victor attending and teaching at seminars around the world, including this year's IRIS festival.


2. James White

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @jameswhitetiger_yoga

Originally from Boston, James began his yoga journey when he was 20, working part-time at a yoga studio for a chance to attend their classes. It wasn't long before he became a yoga teacher at the studio which kick-started his travel-filled career. His Instagram showcases his practice through images and videos featuring different cities as backdrops.

You can attend James' classes, which range from Hatha to Hot Yoga and Vinyasa, at Pure Yoga.


3. Samrat Dasgupta

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @yogasamrat

With a bachelor's degree in Yogic Science, Samrat is a certified yoga therapist and has won numerous yoga championship titles. Having started his first teacher training course in India, Samrat is now based in Hong Kong as a senior yoga teacher at Pure Yoga. He also holds inspiring international workshops around the world. 


4. Adam Weirick

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @yogaunion852

An Australian yoga teacher who's now based in Hong Kong, Adam is the founder of Yoga Union, a yoga space in Central, where you can find him teaching private or small classes focusing on Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. He also founded Friday Night Lights, which brings Hong Kong's yoga community together for a weekly free yoga session. 


5. Patrick Creelman

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @patrickcreelman

One of Asia's most well-known yoga teachers, Patrick has been passing on his knowledge since Pure Yoga's opening in 2002. As one of the founding teachers, he has taught over thousands of students and trained many others globally. Whether you're a beginner or a well-versed yogi, Patrick's Vinyasa and Iyengar style flow classes are designed to help everyone to reach their potential.


6. Malbert Lee