More than sustainability, regenerative travel allows us to actively participate in reversing climate change and enriching communities

The giant pause caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to rethink the way we live, and it’s widely agreed that we should use this reset to push for greater sustainability in every aspect of our lives, travel included. But what if you go beyond doing less damage or reaching net neutral and instead be an active part of the solution?

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Above Blue Apple Beach in Isla Tierra Bomba, Colombia (Courtesy of Regenerative Travel)

That is exactly the premise of regeneration, a concept described by Bill Reed of Regenisis Group as a way “to transform and develop a collaborative relationship with nature”. While sustainable travel aims to “minimise the negative impacts of tourism”, regenerative travel addresses and repairs the harm that has been done. This means not just eschewing single-use plastic while you're at a resort, but deliberately picking hotels and experiences that play a vital role in creating a holistic ecosystem in their respective communities.

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Above The expansive Ibitipoca Reserve in Minas Gerais, Brazil (Courtesy of Regenerative Travel)

“To travel in a regenerative way is more than just offsetting your carbon footprint for flights, it’s about understanding the impact your tourism dollar makes on the destination you are travelling to and the companies that you choose to support as a consumer,” stresses Amanda Ho, a former editor turned co-founder and brand director of Regenerative Travel.

Regenerative Travel is an online booking platform champions a selection of independently owned, eco-luxury hotels that are dedicated to the highest levels of social and environmental impact. Their selection makes it easy for conscious travellers to make that crucial choice, and they're only one of the many brands pushing for this change in mindset and action globally.

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Above The sleek Bio Habitat Hotel in Quindio, Colombia (Courtesy of Regenerative Travel)

If you're keen to shift from being an eco-traveller to a regenerative traveller, you can learn more at the first Regenerative Travel Summit, which takes place during Climate Week from September 23 to 25. 

The three-day virtual summit features a variety of speakers within the travel and hospitality industry, discussing ways to reverse climate change and use tourism to rebuild for a more positive future. Speakers include Daniela V. Fernandez, founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance; Dereck Joubert, founder of Great Plains Conservation and a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence; Neil Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of Six Senses Resorts & Spas. 

Find out more about the Regenerative Travel Summit here.

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