While international travel is still off the cards, we list how to cure the travel blues from the comfort of your own home

With a third wave of Covid-19 hitting Hong Kong, it's sadly looking less and less likely that we'll be jetting off on holiday anytime soon. But although our travel wings may have been clipped, that doesn't mean we have to stop dreaming of our next adventures, or experiencing new things right here in Hong Kong.

From learning a new language, to cooking an international dish and revisiting past travels, these activities might not quite match up to actually getting away, but they can still help to keep us busy while staying home this summer, while offering a little respite from the daily grind.

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Learn a new language

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Immersing yourself in learning a new language is a great way to escape your usual day to day routine—helping to transport you to somewhere new, while offering a greater understanding of different cultures.

If you're already well-versed in a foreign language, try listening to TV shows and podcasts, or reading a book in that language to deepen your knowledge. If you're a beginner, there are plenty of online courses to get you started, or you can brush up on your skills with apps such as Duolingo and Memrise.

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Learn to cook a favourite dish from somewhere you've travelled to—or are dreaming of visiting

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There's no greater joy than travelling to somewhere new and discovering flavours that you've never experienced before. While we may not be hopping on a plane anytime soon, we can still transport our senses by spending some time in the kitchen. 

Whether you choose to recreate an old favourite or try out a dish from somewhere you've never visited to, the world is your oyster. Tackle the art of sushi, make an unusual pasta from scratch, or take some inspiration from some of our favourite cookbooks—and don't forget to pair your dish with a local wine.

If you're not a dab hand in the kitchen, we're lucky enough living in Hong Kong to have access to wide-ranging global cuisines, so take a look at our guide to the best gourmet food delivery options in the city and let the pros do the work for you.

Be a tourist at home

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After living anywhere for a number of years, we may stop seeing everything through the rose tinted glasses of a tourist. But that doesn't mean that there aren't still gems to discover right here on our doorstep.

Although social distancing guidelines are currently in place, for when things settle down in the city, take the time to explore somewhere new. From discovering a new neighbourhood, to hopping on a boat to an outlying island, taking on a hike or exploring the city's culture and heritage, Hong Kong offers up plenty of wonders hiding in plain sight.

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Book a staycation

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If the real joy of getting away for you lies in the luxury of staying in a hotel, you can still experience the same five-star service right here in Hong Kong. The city is home to a range of top hotels to book in for some rest and relaxation—not to mention some extravagant suites if you want to really indulge.

It's the perfect excuse to run a bath, don your hotel robe, order room service and enjoy some much-needed down time.

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Document past trips

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How many of you have a camera roll full of past trips? Documenting our lives through our phones is a great way to make memories, but more often than not they don't make it any further than out screens. With a little more time on our hands, why not choose some favourites to print out? Display them in a album, or choose to frame them for an interior update.

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Get some inspiration for your next trip

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Not sure where you want to travel to next? Take some inspiration from these beautiful travel Instagram accounts, watch an inspiring travel show on Netflix, or check out the latest luxury hotels to open. Even if they don't make you want to book your next trip, they still promise a short escape from reality.

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Plan your next adventure

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If you still can't wait for your next getaway, use the extra time to plan an epic adventure. Having something to look forward to is the perfect way to beat the blues, so there's no better time to go all out and plan—whether you choose to book out a private island, see a world music festival, or travel to Zanzibar is up to you.

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