The eighteenth century town in the south of Sweden was put up for bid on Christie’s International Real Estate this past weekend

If you’re looking for a little extra space to call your own after months of confinement and international travel bans, you may want to consider a move to Sätra Brunn, an historic spa town in the south of Sweden that just hit the market for a balmy US$7.7 million.

The listing, which includes the entire village of Sätra Brunn and all 70 of the buildings within it, was put up for bid this weekend by Christie’s International Real Estate.

The charming village dates back to the very beginning of the 18th century when it was purchased by Samuel Skragge, a doctor who was in search of a source of spring water in Sweden, which at the time was believed to have medicinal benefits.

“With over 320 years of heart and loving care at its centre, Sätra Brunn has always been a place where self-care is placed ahead of all else,” Christie’s International said in the listing. “Today it serves as a diversified business establishment where picturesque homes, hotel, preschool, church, your own spring water source, and a bathhouse mingle to create a lively and highly appreciated milieu.”

While the Swedish village has seen many stylistic and aesthetic changes over the centuries, according to Christie’s, the one constant has been Sätra Brunn's original purpose, to “care and offer a recreational environment”, thanks to the abundance of natural spring water.

The Swedish village is currently listed at approximately US$7.6 million and is touted as a “unique opportunity” to acquire your own historic European village with a charming history and access to the elusive “healing” spring water.

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