The 34-year-old has parlayed a passion for travel into a successful multiplatform business and a force for good—and it all started with @beautifuldestinations

It’s part-travelogue, part inspirational tool, part aspirational bucket list and all-round jaw-droppingly stunning photo portfolio. The images on the Instagram account @beautifuldestinations make you yearn and dream.

They make you want to pack your bags and catch the next flight to anywhere that promises excitement and discovery. And they nourish the soul in an unexpected, almost meditative manner, reminding us that despite the troubled times we live in, there is still so much in the world that is wondrous, beautiful and pure.

The man behind the Instagram account, which boasts 12.4 million followers, is 34-year-old entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey, who also has a YouTube channel with 216,012 subscribers and a thriving creative agency, all under the banner of Beautiful Destinations.


Born in Scotland, Jeremy was once a rugby player in New Zealand and now travels the world growing a social media-driven travel community and the branding and content platform he founded.



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Above Getting friendly with a sled dog in Lapland

A force for good

Beautiful Destinations, he explains, started “as an Instagram account focused on sharing inspiring travel content from around the world and connecting with talented creators with stories to tell. I believe so passionately that travel is a force for good in the world, a universal language that connects people regardless of age, income or background, and that now more than ever we need things in life that can bring us together and celebrate different cultures.”

Jeremy is a frequent traveller to Asia. Like many before him he has fallen captive to the charms of the region. His enthusiasm is evident, and encompasses more than just beautiful scenery.

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Above Swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, Philippines

Love for the Philippines

“It’s no secret how much I love the place and its people, they are the reason I keep coming back,” he says, referring to one of his favourite countries, the Philippines, “but also to show the world how much is happening in the country is very important to me. The tourism offering is so broad and still so much of it is unknown to many people, so if I can play any role in helping more people come and visit, I’d be very proud. [Philippine Department of Tourism] secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat is also an inspiring tourism leader and I know that under her guidance the industry will only get even stronger.”

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Above At the foot of Kawasan Falls in Badian, Philippines
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Above A crossing in Tokyo

Given his extensive travel experience, it’s a surprise that there are still corners of the world he has yet to discover, one of which is Antarctica.

“It’s the one continent I’ve never been to. I guess with the rate of change our climate is going through, it’s a region I should visit sooner rather than later. I’m a global ambassador for the World Wildlife Foundation and passionate supporter of sustainable tourism and the environment in general, so anywhere I can help raise awareness of climate-related issues is a place worth visiting for me.”

A positive outlook

Jeremy has picked up some valuable tips from his travels, especially for handling the language barrier. His only language apart from English is “okay” Spanish, but he has “found all over the world that a smile and positive outlook is all I’ve needed to get by. If you are respectful and kind to people when you travel, you’ll get the same back and the language barrier doesn’t matter.”

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Above At the Central Market in Port Louis, Mauritius
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Above Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Scotland

In preparing for trips, you could say he practises what he preaches. As well as using social media to communicate with his followers, he turns to social media for planning his own travels.

Trip planning tips

“I actually plan a lot of my trips through Instagram—using my favourite accounts to get inspiration, but also searching the hashtags and geotags to find the best spots. I also reach out to people through social media to ask advice from locals and ensure I know as much as I can before I arrive.”

And the best way to feel at ease in a new destination?

“Planning ahead and having a connection with locals is a good start, but as with the language barrier, I find that a smile and positive outlook goes such a long way to becoming at ease in a new place. The great part is neither of those things costs any money, so you’re able to spend more when you get to your destination. This helps the local economy and is something I’m very passionate about.”

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Above Waiting for dusk in Petra, Jordan
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Above Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Nation branding

As for the future, Jeremy is still discovering new worlds. Beautiful Destinations has evolved from an Instagram account into a unique content-driven, social media-powered platform that now also encompasses “nation branding.”

“Our nation branding business continues to grow quickly as we work with more countries and cities around the world, helping them with strategy, creative and content, and at the start of the year we launched our entertainment push, creating Beautiful Destinations original productions telling our own stories of the world for the big streaming platforms. Lots more exciting things are in the pipeline and I hope more partnerships.”

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