City life can wear us down, so we’ve cherry-picked the most attractive retreats across Asia to get your chakras balanced and your health back on track
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Above Image: Revivo Wellness Resort

1. Revivo Wellness Resort, Bali

Revivo Wellness Resort is a magnet for health seekers. It offers a luxury day spa and accommodation in 16 sleek suites. But its programmes—or “mind and body boot camps”—focus on different needs, from Emotional Balance to Detox and Weight Loss, Anti-Ageing and Mother-to-be.

Running for three to 14 days, they have physical improvement and relaxation at their core. A hybrid fitness area is kitted out with a martial arts hall, yoga barn, Pilates studio and a state-of-the-art gym featuring TRX, boxing and kinesis equipment.

The next seasonal retreat, Nyepi Silent Retreat, will take place on March 23 to 29. Guests are invited to participate in up to seven days of intense silent meditation inspired by Nyepi—the "Day of Silence" in celebration of the Balinese New Year's Day on March 25.

Based on the practice of vipassana, "to see things as they really are", the retreat will incorporate daily meditations, yin yoga, spa treatments and mindfulness rituals to allow guests to be present, let go of negative emotions and gain awareness of the interconnection between mind and body.

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Above Image: Bawah Reserve

2. Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

A tropical paradise nestled in Indonesia’s remote Anambas Archipelago, Bawah Reserve is an exclusive wellness resort accessible only via private seaplane from Singapore. 

Those looking for a transformative island getaway can book one of the resort’s new restorative wellbeing programmes for a minimum of three nights, which are designed in harmony with the property’s pristine natural surroundings and paired with organic meals, meditation and activities. 

“Journey to Calm” allows guests to slow down and re-focus on life’s priorities. The programme includes a life coaching session, a private breathing and mindfulness session, floating meditation, daily yoga, a garden-to-glass health tonic class and spa treatments.

“Journey to Vitality” is a reboot programme for guests looking to improve their physical health and wellbeing. Guests will experience one-on-one training sessions, postural analysis, paddleboard yoga, private cooking classes and rejuvenating spa treatments.

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Above Image: Kagi Maldives Spa Island

3. Kagi Maldives Spa Island, Maldives

Opening in July 2020, Kagi Maldives Spa Island is a boutique 50-villa property offering a holistic wellness experience. 

Designed by Japanese architect Yuji Yamazaki, Kagi’s 1,500 sqm spa and wellness hub is complete with an open-air, teardrop-shaped floating yoga pavilion at its centre. Once opened, the resort will offer personalised wellness programmes: Release, Restore and Regain.

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Above Image: Song Saa

4. Song Saa, Cambodia

On an island as extraordinary as this—actually two islands joined by a bridge—Song Saa’s three recently launched wellness programmes add extra reasons why this resort is often fully booked. Each plan focuses on mental clarity and detachment from stress, and does so through different activities (paddle boarding, yoga, Buddhist blessings) as well as spa treatments and meditation.

An on-site specialist assesses your needs, and a bespoke schedule of rainforests facials, night baths, nutrition and massages is then put together for a five-day holistic plan. On top of all that, Song Saa also offers yoga workshops.

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Above Image: Kapuhala, Koh Samui

5. Kapuhala, Koh Samui, Thailand

Get in touch with nature with Kapuhala’s Tropical Farm and Training Retreat, a brand new wellness programme pioneering an eco-conscious approach to overall wellbeing. 

Designed for fitness enthusiasts, race runners, corporate high-achievers alike, the programme includes personal training, yoga practice and plant-based food offerings that incorporate seasonal produce sourced from the on-site natural farm.

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