UK-based Arksen’s new explorer yacht, known as Project Ocean, will set sail as soon as spring 2022

Arksen has announced its plan to officially build a cutting edge eco-friendly superyacht . The first Explorer Vessel, the Arksen 85 “Project Ocean” has officially gone into production in the UK and will be ready to take sail within the next two years.

Project Ocean will boast four cabins that will accommodate up to 12 passengers at a given time—including a full beam master suite with multi-purpose library, study, media room, and children’s cabin. The innovative yacht will also feature an efficient cruising speed of  9-11 knots, top speed of 14 knots and a maximum range of up to 7,000nm. The full onboard solar capacity will offer up to 7kW of zero-carbon electrical power as well as onboard heating and ventilation systems that use thermal reclaim for improved sustainability and efficiency.

In order to fully execute the ambitious project, Arksens will partner with UK South Coast businesses—including naval architecture and yacht design studio, Humphreys Yacht Design, which will help bring the exterior design and naval architecture to life.

“Arksen’s dedication to researching and understanding our impact on the environment will be invaluable in helping to re-shape the development of leisure-vessel production in the motor yacht sector,” Tom Humphreys, Co-Director of Humphreys Yacht Design, said in a statement. “The efficient design, sustainable technologies and long-range capabilities of the Arksen fleet are more important than ever today. We think it’s very exciting, the right product at the right time.”

The Arksen 85’s hull will be built in aluminium, sourced via Norwegian company Hydro, which will contain recycled material that will be able to be easily recycled by the end of the yacht’s life. The interior will include a variety of sustainable materials, all the way down to the fabrics—which will be created using recycled plastic bottles

Aside from its eco-friendly and sustainable approach, the Arksen 85 is also designed with marine research in mind. The Arksen Foundation invites yacht owners to pledge 10 percent of their vessel’s sea time to various ocean exploration projects, which will in turn grant access to scientists and researchers in order to better understand the marine ecosystem

The build is expecting to take about 18 months in total, with trials planned for early 2022. For more information on the ambitious project, be sure to visit the official Arksen website.

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