Queue Frank Sinatra on your playlist as you make your way to Dubai’s newest attraction

No need to fly to the moon to play among the stars, you just need to fly to Dubai. A new luxury, moon-themed resort is set to open in the United Arab Emirates city, making dreams of space tourism a little more accessible.

Aptly named Moon Dubai, the resort will include a giant, hyper-realistic spherical moon with 4,000 hotel suites inside. Underneath the moon will be a three-storey circular podium filled with dining and entertainment venues including a promenade, nightclub, beach club, restaurants, wellness centre, theatre, lounges and meeting rooms.

Moon will also have about 300 private boutique residences that will be available for purchase. Each will be around 2,000 square feet and comes with a lifetime membership to Moon.

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To truly feel like you’re in space, the resort will offer space-themed attractions, such as the Lunar Colony—a lunar surface simulation where guests can experience walking on the surface of the moon. There will also be hop-on-hop-off rover taxis available for visitors exploring the Colony.

“It will be a fully integrated, contemporary, luxurious destination resort encompassing a unique signature attraction,” Moon co-founder Michael R Henderson says.

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Moon is designed by Canada-based Moon World Resorts Inc., where its developers are hoping to launch the futuristic resort in four locations around the world, with Dubai set to be the first one. While official plans are not yet confirmed, Architectural Digest reports that the company’s founders are optimistic about the launch.

The entire project will take US$5 billion to build, but with the ongoing interest in space travel the founders are confident Moon Dubai will attract interest.

For those unable to travel to actual space, Moon will be an “affordable and entirely authentic space tourism experience [that] millions of enthusiasts around planet Earth have been patiently waiting for,” Henderson tells Architectural Digest.

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