COVID-19 may have halted travel plans for now, but that hasn't stopped our editors from dreaming of the holidays they'll be booking after the pandemic.

As Hong Kongers, we're spoiled for choice with some of the world's most sought-after destinations right on our doorstep, but with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, travel plans across the globe have been put on hold. But although these may be uncertain times, there's nothing stopping us from dreaming about the trips we'll be booking once this is all over. 

From exploring the white sand beaches of Palawan, to the rugged landscape of New Zealand and the colourful souks of Marrakech, we're offering a little travel inspiration with the adventures our Tatler Hong Kong editors can't wait to go on...

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New Zealand

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Above New Zealand is known for its outstanding natural beauty. (Photo: Courtesy of Tyler Lastovich via Pexels)

"I'm due to go to New Zealand for a family wedding late this year. It's a country that has always captured my imagination due to its remoteness and outstanding natural beauty, so fingers crossed things go ahead as planned."—Lauren James, Deputy Editor

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Marrakech, Morocco

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Above Colourful scenes in a souk in Marrakech, Morocco. (Photo: Courtesy of zakariae daoui via Unsplash)

"I was due to go to a friend's wedding in Marrakech at the end of May and for obvious reasons, it's now sadly not going ahead. Aside from seeing friends from the UK that we haven't seen in over a year and celebrating their big day, the trip was going to be a perfect excuse to explore the city. I was so looking forward to picking up some homeware finds from the famed souks – not to mention enjoying some downtime at the beautiful Beldi Country Club – but it'll now have to wait until next year when the wedding has been rescheduled to."—Annie Simpson, Digital Content Director

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San Francisco, USA

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Amogh Manjunath via Unsplash

"As someone who travels for food, I’ve been pondering the future of restaurants around the globe once the worst of the pandemic is over. I was due to dine at Noma in early April, but eventually flights were slowly cancelled and Rene Redzepi finally made the announcement on 14 March that the restaurant would be closed for at least a month—since then, the closure has been extended to 17 May. I’m not optimistic that long-haul travel will be in my horizon for 2020, but if all things go well there are definitely places I’d love to fly to, though this time more to see friends and family in London, Calgary, Sydney and San Francisco where we’ll dine at all the incredible independent eateries that will hopefully be finding their feet again."—Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Dining


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Above Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. (Photo: Courtesy of Victor Garcia via Unsplash)

"We all know Singapore’s diverse dining scene from street food to fine dining. My next trip there will focus more on the nature side, with photography within the metropolitan city, capturing a glimpse of the rare Oriental pied hornbill, water monitor lizards and river otters at the country’s Botanic Gardens."—Wilson Fok, Senior Editor, Dining

Palawan, Philippines

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Above White sands and crystalline waters in Palawan, Philippines. (Photo: Courtesy of Cris Tagupa via Unsplash)

"Palawan has been on my "hit list" for a while now, ever since Tatler's Travel Editor-At-Large Jeremy Jauncey posted Instagram pictures of superb seascapes and world-class resorts during his visit late last year. I'm itching to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, so spending a long weekend relaxing on remote islands with white sand and crystalline waters sounds like a very good idea."—Annie Darling, Editorial Director – Watches & Jewellery

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Phu Quoc, Vietnam

"I unfortunately had to cancel my honeymoon as a result of the pandemic – so the second this is all over, I’m rebooking my trip to Emerald Bay in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. We planned to stay at a 19th century French university reimagined as an eclectically themed beach side resort – the actual dream. I’m never taking travel for granted again!"—Tara Sobti, Society Editor

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Koh Samui, Thailand

"Next on my travel bucketlist is Koh Samui. I have only heard good things about it and have seen the beautiful images online. There's also a pig island which you can visit by speedboat! Sun, sea, sand and swine, what more could I ask for?"—Kristy Or, Associate Editor

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Verona, Italy

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Above The balcony that is attributed to the fictional story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare in Verona, Italy. (Photo: Getty Images)

"I long for the day that I can slip my letter to Juliet into the cracks of the Verona courtyard wall – proclaiming my love of rum-soaked tiramisu, pasta and endless gelato"—Zabrina Lo, Associate Features Editor

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