Shanghai’s newest hotel, J Hotel Shanghai Tower is two times higher than the Eiffel Tower

Shanghai’s luxury hotel scene has a newcomer on board. J Hotel Shanghai Tower, which opened on June 19, claims to be the highest hotel in the world at 2,000 feet. 

Sitting on the 86th to 98th floors of the Shanghai Tower—a mega tall skyscraper that holds the title of the world’s second-tallest building by height to the architectural top—J Hotel boasts 165 rooms, including 34 suites; 24/7 personal butler service; an indoor swimming pool; and even a holistic reiki spa on the 85th floor. 

The hotel offers two different room design styles: New Chinese and contemporary. New Chinese rooms will feature details such as Yangtze Delta-inspired embossed wallpaper, Chinese emerald glazed tea table, and gold-trim decor with a Chinese flair. Contemporary rooms will feature modern designs with more minimalistic colours. 

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For guests who need more space, the hotel has four suite types on offer. The biggest one, the Shanghai Suite, is 380 square metres in space on the 98th floor. Equipped with a separate parlour, bedroom, dressing room, study, kitchen and even a physiotherapy area, a night at the grande suite will likely cost you more than CN$70,000 per night. 

Dining wise, there are seven restaurants and bars at the hotel. There's international cuisine at Heavenly Jin, Southern Italian and Mediterranean food at Centouno, Japanese teppanyaki at Kinnjyou Inaka, and Cantonese cuisine at Jin Yan. The other three eateries include a bar, a grab-and-go cafe, as well as an a-day lobby lounge. 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of J Hotel

J Hotel is developed by Jin Jiang International, China’s largest state-owned hotel group. 

Previously, Shanghai Tower was deemed a “failure” by news agencies as the building struggled to find occupants to rent office space after it opened in 2015. While it’s too soon to tell whether the opening of J Hotel will revive Shanghai Tower’s mixed reputation, the buzz of the hotel’s opening may be just enough to bring in curious travellers for when it’s safe to travel again. 

J Hotel, Shanghai Tower, No. 126 Dong Tai Road, Lujiazui Pudong New District, Shanghai, China;

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