Instagram has become one of the best sources for travel inspiration. From beautifully curated feeds to jaw-dropping adventures, we've rounded up some of the most talented travel photographers' accounts for you to live and travel through vicariously:

1. Daniel Kordan

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @danielkordan

“How did you get there?” is probably a question that @danielkordan hears a lot. The photographer travels to some of the remote corners of the earth where he captures incredible other-worldy photos which he shares with insights about the environment and thoughtful, informative captions.

2. Jack Morris 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @doyoutravel

Do you travel? Jack Morris, aka @douyoutravel, certainly does. It all started in 2012 when, out of "boredom", he bought a one-way ticket from England to Bangkok. It's been a nonstop adventure for Jack ever since.

Today, the photographer uses his Instagram to share picture-perfect scenes from his picture-perfect life, which he spends travelling to some of the world's most breathtaking destinations with his girlfriend and fellow travel-grammer, Lauren Bullen. 

3. Lauren Bullen

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @gypsea_lust

Blonde, beautiful and perpetually tanned from her travels, Lauren Bullen or @gypsea_lust is on a permanent vacation with her boyfriend and photographer, Jack Morris. Originally from New South Wales, Australia, Lauren and Jack are currently based in Bali when they aren't wandering the world to destinations like Samoa, Marrakech, Greece and everywhere in between—literally—creating travel, fashion and lifestyle content for a diverse array of clients.

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4. Jessamine Barnieh

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @jesso

A Filipino who was born and raised in London but now based in Hong Kong, exploring new cities is second nature to the worldly Jessamine Barnieh or @jesso. She began using Instagram as a way to document her new life in Hong mastering the "quiet observer" aesthetic as she captures and shares beautiful imagery of everyday life in different cities—including our own. 

Today, her photography has led her to work with a variety of airlines and tourism boards including the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia, Secret Helsinki, Finn Air, Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways, City of Yokohama and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. 


5. Loic Lagarde

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @loic.lagarde

Parisian photographer Loic Lagarde's (@loic.lagarde) sunkissed feed is a combination of quaint towns and sprawling cities. Named one of the most influential travel photographers by Harper's Bazaar, Loic has been jet-setting around the world to photograph some of the world's most luxurious hotels and destinations since 2012. 

6. Travis Burke 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @travisburkephotography

Whether he's highlining across a canyon in Yosemite National Park, diving in the Bahamas or skateboarding through the mountains of Vermont, Travis Burke's sense of adventure knows no bounds. Having recently built his "dream adventure-mobile", @travisburkephotography has spent the last three years exploring and photographing some of the most incredible scenery throughout the United States, Canada and beyond. 

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7. Samuel Taipale

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @eljackson

 Samuel Taipale, or @eljackson in Instagram, is probably one of the happiest people we've never met. And it's not hard to see why—the Finnish photographer spends his time travelling to some of the coolest corners of the world with his beloved wife and camera in tow. His passion for adventure, and his love for life in general, is totally infectious. 

8. Tara Whiteman 

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @taramilktea

Decadent desserts,  adorable outfits and seriously breathtaking destinations sum up life for Tara Whiteman aka @taramilktea. More than just a pretty feed, Tara offers useful insights on each destination (and there are many) including where to stay and insider tips on where to satisfy your sweet tooth.


9. Girl Eat World

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @girleatworld

A glutton for travel and all things delicious, Melissa Hie of @girleatworld gives her followers a taste of all the amazing places she visits from matcha soft serve in Japan to oysters in Australia and Banh Mi on the streets of Saigon

Since she moved to Singapore from the United States a few years ago, she says she's taken full advantage of its "strategic location" to hit the road and explore this side of the world.

10. Murad Osmann

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Above Photo: Courtesy of @muradosmann

Russian photographer Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) went viral when the world fell in love with his #followmeto series, which features him holding his wife's hand in various scenarios around the globe. What started out as "postcards" for their friends back home has become a full-time gig that involves travelling to and sharing information about some of the world's most unique destinations, while offering tips to help other travellers tick milestones off of their bucket lists. 

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